DWAINE HARTMAN – Inner Balance Hypnotherapy

Dwaine Hartman

In this show, LIVE HYPNOTHERAPY and Q&A with our GUEST: Dwaine Hartman C.C.Ht,Trainer, co-Author and Creator of The Hartman Approach To Hypnotherapy. He is Creator of The Human Harmonics Programs. Dwaine has conducted countless Hypnotherapy training classes for over a decade. He assists people to find that place of suspended self-judgment can otherwise be called the Zone or “Your True Nature”. Dwaine is here on Earth for one soul purpose …to provide humanity with the simplest most grounded approach to Spiritual Enlightenment that he can through emotional alchemy. His website is InnerBalanceHypnotherapy.com



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House of Fairies ~ La Casa de las Hadas

KAREN NEUMANN – About Oneness

Karen Neumann

In this show, our Enlightenment Evolution Network host, Karen Neumann, will be with us for this show to share about A Course In Miracles and much more! Karen is an integrated channel, medium, Reiki Master and metaphysical teacher. She has a varied and diverse background including that of being a singer, dancer and writer as well as working in the sport nutrition and fitness world. Her website is www.aboutoneness.com




Painting by Victoria Vives

Happy Saturday, beautiful Soul Family!  Today, I would like to invite you to take a moment to strengthen our connection with one another and also with our beautiful Mother Earth that unconditionally provides a space for us to live.  In the same way, we can strengthen our connection with the Elements: the Earth that sustains us, the Water that cleanses us, the Fire that gives us warmth and light, and the Air that gives us life.  Strengthening also our connection with the Plant people, the Stone people, the Animal people and the Star people – Honoring all of our relatives.
We are all aspects of the same Oneness, yet living from a singular perspective.  So in this moment, we can shift our focus away from the superficial or external world and turn deep within, to the Spirit that connects us all and pervades the Universe with life-giving force, strengthening that web of light, love and healing connecting us all <3  Wishing you a wonderful day filled with Blessings and Love <3  Victoria

Activating Compassion In The Midnight Hour

I had the pleasure of being invited to “Activating Compassion In The Midnight Hour” by the wonderful Jesse Ann Nichols George!

Radio Interview with Gretchen Crilly McKay ~ SHAMANISM

This week, somebody very special to me will be joining us… my Shamanic Mentor Gretchen Crilly McKay! I have learned SO MUCH from her and she is my shamanic family. Her website is wwwwww.AncestralWisdom.com.

* HEALING your LineageEarth Sky Radio ~ Gretchen Crilly McKay
* Finding a Shamanic Practitioner you can trust
* Restore your POWER with Direct Revelation
* What are the STAR NATIONS
* And much more!

Love. Victoria



Quotes and Co-Creations

Thank you, Cathay Lux, for this Co-Creation!

1 Victoria y Catay Buddha

Gateway2theGods.com Podcast Ep.18 – Victoria Vives

Beautiful beautiful INTERVIEW by Ron Alpha for GATEWAY2THEGODS.COM of yours truly, Victoria Vives ~ Conversation starts at 10m45s after wonderful introduction and music.  LOVE <3

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