Mt Shasta’s Divine Starlight was… AMAZING!!!!

Mt Shasta's Divine Starlight

Mt Shasta's Divine Starlight

Mt Shasta's Divine Starlight

Mt Shasta's Divine Starlight


Mt Shasta's Divine Starlight

Mt Shasta's Divine Starlight

Mt Shasta's Divine

Psychic Reader Certification is almost here!

Psychic Reader Certification is almost here!!!


Smelling the Roses… LITERALLY!!!!

Summer Update! YAYYY!!!!

FREE Crystal Grid REIKI Distance Healing!

Crystal Reiki Healing GridI will be offering complimentary healing this Wednesday with a powerful group of Healers training for their REIKI Mastery.

If you would like to be included, just comment below including your name and general location.

NOTE: if you ask for healing for someone else, you will need their permission.

ONE MORE NOTE: Only petitions from the comments below will be included (NO message/email/etc) so that I can have all petitions in one place and make sure to include everyone.

Looking forward to sharing wonderful healing with you!


Awaken The Goddess Within ~ Available Worldwide

Goddess PathEmbody and express the Goddess energy from within in this Sacred Goddess Path…

This event is for women only.  RSVP>>

Rejoice in the experience of allowing your relationships to flourish as your heart opens and shines the nourishing divine energy of love in its true expression.  Fully savor life in all its ecstasy as you connect with the powerful and primal creative healing force that has been with you from your origin, at your very core…


* A monthly transmission​ with Sacred Frequencies, Logos (word) and Sound Healing,​ to deepen the embodiment of this wisdom.
* A video every month so that you can practice the techniques learned at home.
* Written materials and charts for an expanded understanding of this work.
* Access to our Sacred Goddess Sisterhood facebook forum to continue weaving our connection together.
* The ease to awaken your Goddess Self at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home.

ALSO, join the in person classes to receive all of the above plus the following:

* A 3hr in person class every month for direct transmission of these teachings.
* The blessing of creating our Sacred Goddess Sisterhood with meaningful relationship that will transform your life.
* Enjoy a safe container when you come for classes to our Goddess Sanctuary where you can soak in this energy, fully access these teachings, and attune to these frequencies in full depth.
* If you come with a friend you will receive a over a 25% OFF discount.

If finances are your only concern to join our Circle, contact me so that we can work out a solution. Creating our Sisterhood is more important.Goddess Circle

IN PERSON DATES: Sun Feb 28th, Sun Mar 27th, Fri Apr 15th, Sat May 7th, Sun Jun 12th, Sun Jul 17th Sun Aug 28th, Sun Sep 25th, Sun Oct 23rd. TIMES: 5:30pm-8:30pm each day.

ONLINE DATES: February through October, monthly at your own pace.

More information and registrations at:

A NEW week, A NEW beginning…


Happy 2016!!!


To a Powerful 2016…

To start a powerful 2016…

1) What do you want to release?
2) What do you create space for?

Much Love <3


REIKI Wellbeing ~ Energy Healing Certification Programs

Crystal Healing
Sound Healing
Aboriginal Skills
Sacred Sexuality
Mt Shasta Retreat

My Spiritual Name

Hi Friends. I intend to live up to the meaning of my spiritual names!!!!

1) My Spiritual Name in Kundalini Yoga is HAR BHAGTI KAUR, the creative, prosperous and kind Princess/Lioness who is devoted to serving God in all throughout her life.

HAR is a Name of God whose vibration brings kindness, creativity and spiritual prosperity into one’s life.

BHAGTI means Devotion.

KAUR The Princess/Lioness of God who walks with grace and strength throughout her life.

MEANING: I devotionally serve God in all through the creative power of kindness and prosperity. The minds and hearts of those around me are enriched and prosper by the depth of my compassionate service and spiritual ingenuity.

2) My Spiritual Name in the Zulu tradition (one of my Shamanic Lineages) is NOSIPHOKAZI, which means “the biggest gift of all, she is the gift of all the gifts”.

* * My “normal” name, Victoria Vives Khuong, means “Victory Lives Health”. My maiden name was M. Victoria Vives Vila. M stands for Maria/Mary which is giving to some women and I now recognize as a representation of the Divine Feminine (Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene…) and Vila means “Will, desire, protection, village”.