Victoria is Interviewed by Hiona, from Ancient Spirits Beckon

I was interviewed for Ancient Spirits Beckon by wonderful Hiona Henare. In this interview, Hiona helped me bringing through a more wise and intellectual side of myself that I haven’t shared in any of my other interviews.

Victoria’s Life Review by Arthur Kidawa

Hi Friends!  Arthur did a wonderful job in this interview.  Thank you, Arthur!!

Blue Full Moon

Getting ready for a Blue Full Moon Releasing Ritual in preparation to teaching Shamanic Workshop tomorrow <3  Blessings and Love <3

Blue Full Moon

EarthSky People at Elements Gathering :)


HELLO EVERYONE!!! Nhan and I are buying a piece of land in California to create an INTENTIONAL COMMUNITY. We cannot wait one more day. If you know of a Real Estate agent (preferably awakened/conscious/community-oriented/new-paradigm-oriented) that can give us a good price for a piece of land, 5 acres plus, 2 hrs from Hollywood maximum (preferably less but open to more such as Joshua Tree, Mt Shasta…) please let us know.

Betty and Mateo are already helping with this and we are open to hear from any others as well.  Jim and Michelle are confirmed.  Looking forward to hearing from Cindyroy!  Travis will be joining too!!  I would love for all of us to join forces AND for all our other friends who also joined our EarthSky People meetings in the past and want to be part of this action step, feel free to join us as well.

If you never joined our meetings before but are interested in being part of this action step, contact us about it too.

Much Love.


Archangel METATRON channeled by Rob Gauthier


SPECIAL GUESTS: Rob Gauthier channeling Archangel METATRON.

Worldwide times: PACIFIC 10 am ~ MOUNTAIN 11 pm ~ CENTRAL 12 noon ~ EASTERN 1 pm ~ ATLANTIC 2 pm UK 6 pm ~ EUROPE 7 pm ~ MIDDLE EAST 8 pm ~ RUSSIA 9 pm ~ INDIA 10:30 pm

Call (347) 308-8788 to LISTEN TO THE SHOW or use THIS LINK on or after Saturday, July 25th, at 10am PDT:

Victoria Vives Khuong hosting EARTH SKY people RADIO Living in Harmony with Mother Earth and Awakening to an Intergalactic Society!



Gratitude Smoothie

Avocado Gratitude Smoothie

Today, in the early morning, I was in the back yard with Bunny-Bunny.  I saw many cute tiny yellow tomatoes from a plant that grew on its own, in our mulch pile. In Mother Earth’s heart there is no waste, but only the organic blocks for new life to be channeled.

When we work in harmony with nature, such as not creating trash and instead recycling organic materials in a mulch pile, nature gives us gifts back tenfold!  I felt such gratitude and appreciation for this unexpected gift from nature that I decided to capture those feelings in a smoothie, to then extend the enjoyment of the feeling and be able to share it.

These are the organic ingredients you can blend for two smoothie servings:

  1. 2 avocados
  2. A cup of coconut water
  3. A small cup of shredded coconut
  4. Agave Nectar
  5. A handful of cashews
  6. Feelings of Gratitude and Appreciation

This is extremely healthy with all the nutritious fats in the avocado.  It is very filling too!  And remember to always infuse your food with loving feelings!!

Much Love and Gratitude.  Victoria

Mulch Pile Wild Tomatoes

Delicious Superpowers Smoothie! YAYYY!!!

Ice Cream Bananas

Ice Cream Bananas (that is the real name!)

Today, my husband and I were a bit busy, so we could order lunch but that normally means gmo, etc., so I decided to make a power smoothie.  He loved it and asked me what I put in it, so I though I would share with you also, in case you want to try it out.

I added the following organic ingredients for two smoothie servings:

  1. 5 tiny frozen bananas (“ice cream” variety from our front yard)
  2. 1 egg
  3. A small cup of kefir
  4. A small cup of shredded coconut
  5. A handful of cashews
  6. A cup of frozen antioxidant berries and pomegranate blend
  7. 9 drops of Vanilla extract
  8. A scoop of creamy chocolate fudge plant based protein powder
  9. A cup of water
  10. A handful of pecans to add decoration, crunchiness and flavor!
  11. Tons and tons of LOVE and joyful feelings

Basically, if you want to do the same, just add anything that is in your kitchen and in your heart and that you feel called to add into the mix!!

Much Love.  Victoria

Power Smoothie



Possumcito and Bunny-Bunny Eating Together :)

Bunny and Possum