10 Superfoods for Creating Superhuman Abilities

Want to find out about Superhero foods and drinks for creating Superhuman abilities?  You got it!

First of all, I want to share the reality of who I am and how I live.  I tried many different diets: vegetarian, vegan, raw, organic, blood type, the “everything goes” diet, the Burger King diet (yes, even that one – I was young and they were cheap).  Overall, I believe in our inner power to focus in different ways on what we eat, rather than on the science behind diets and nutrition.  Do I eat this because I feel empowered or because I am afraid of not being healthy or fit?  That is the KEY for me!

At the same time I appreciate the knowledge of nutrition factors and I enjoy experimenting how different diets feel on me.  I am always interested on trying cool and POWERFUL stuff.

I want to reveal 10 very special Superfoods.  It is not spirulina, it is not wheat grass, it is not blue green algae…  These are the 10 Superfoods that your nutritionist never told you about!  This is Superhero stuff!  Read closely:

1/ Chia Seeds:

These delicious seeds will fill you up with sustained energy and endurance superpower.  It will also help you build lean muscle mass.

Chia was so prized by the ancient Aztecs that it was used as a form of currency.  Aztec warriors would take a small pouch of chia seeds on long journeys as a small amount could sustain a grown man for days.  The Tarahumara Indians of Mexico known for their unearthly running endurance would take a chia seed drink to sustain and recharge during races that have been known to last days and span more than a hundred miles in rugged desert canyon terrain.

You can mix the Chia Seeds with water, tea or milk (I normally add some organic sugar just for the taste – optional).  Remember to shake the mix up every so often for the first few minutes, because the chia seeds expand and the mix could get clumpy.  The final result is an extremely healthy version of a crunchy boba tea!  Pretty cool!


2/ Kombucha:

This is a very refreshing fermented tea drink.  It has the distinct flavor of yeast similar to beer but sweet and tangy.  It maintains the properties of green tea plus added probiotic properties meaning that it helps increasing the presence of good bacteria in your body.  It is very powerful in strengthening your immune system, stimulating your metabolism and much more!

You can get a bottle of Kombucha at Whole Foods, but you can also make it at home if you acquire a Kombucha mother.  It is sort of like having a low maintenance pet, because it is alive and growing.  Kombucha ferments tea by eating the sugar in it (yes, it has a sweet tooth).

The origins of Kombucha are mysterious and not exactly known, although some sources state that it originated in China more than two millennia ago and was known as the “Elixir of Immortality”.  How about that?  I’m going to drink some!

3/ Colostrum:

Raw Colostrum is the first milk that cows (or other mammals) give at the time of parturition.  It is a powerful source of antibodies and minerals, and precedes the production of regular milk.  It is alive food, with probiotic bacteria, natural enzymes, and immunoglobulins (proteins that form an important part of the immune system).  Colostrum is believed to have powerful anti-aging properties and promote beautiful skin.

4/ Kefir:

Kefir means feel good in Turkish.  You can buy Kefir in a supermarket or you can make it at home if you have a Kefir Grains.  The Kefir grains will convert milk into a sort of sour yogurt.  Kefir has antibiotic and antifungal properties, and beneficial bacteria.  It promotes a healthy nervous system.  You can also produce Kefir Water.

The origins of this cultured superfood are also shrouded in mystery but it is believed to come from the Caucasus mountain area in Eurasia where shepherds would culture fresh milk in leather bags.  The people of that area have been known for their long life, routinely reaching 100 years and more.

Kefir Water and Kefir

5/ Hemp Seeds:

If you would have to choose to eat just one plant based food for the rest of your life, I guess that’d be it :)  Hemp seeds have a rich history of use around the world and are one the oldest cultivated crops in human history.  It is a powerhouse of nutrition with a nearly perfect protein profile and high concentration of essential fatty acids.  They have a neutral flavor, so they mix well with sweet or savory foods.


6/ Coconut oil:

This is one of the healthiest oils for cooking, because it is fully saturated so it can withstand the heating from cooking without breaking down into toxic byproducts like unsaturated oils.  Coconut oil is even more amazing when taken raw.  It provides you immediate energy, promotes youthful looking skin, a healthy heart, metabolism, immune system, and it is great for weight loss.  The taste and smell are just delicious.  Thinking of it makes me hungry!

7/ Butter:

This is a misunderstood jewel.  Well, we are talking about real raw butter from healthy pastured cows, no imitations, no margarine.  I see many people trying to avoid fats, when they are actually essential for our body and for our skin (remember that skin is the largest organ in your body!).  Butter is extremely powerful as a natural free radical source promoting longevity!

Butter is a cultured food that is best taken raw to preserve the probiotic qualities.  The unique cell-like butterfat globules also give the butter a very special quality for promoting gut health.


8/ Eggs:


A nearly perfect food!  Eggs from free range, pastured hens have one of the highest concentrations of complete and nearly 100% bioavailable nutrition.  Meaning that eggs require minimal processing by our bodies for assimilation.  I personally enjoy my eggs Spanish omelet style!  Mmmm… yummy!

9/ Raw Milk:

Yes, not pasteurized, not processed in any way, just raw fresh milk will make the difference – expect miracles!  Even if you are allergic to other milks, or lactose intolerant, you might be able to consume raw milk.  It is very easy to digest.  Raw milk is a living food, rich in beneficial bacteria, enzymes, natural vitamins and healthy fats.


10/ Cookies:

MY MOST POWERFUL SUPERFOOD! – The pleasure you obtain when you give yourself something that you really REALLY enjoy has much more nutritional value to your soul than any other food!  It can be cookies or anything that you really like.  Feeling freedom gives you power.  Feeling restriction makes you weak.  This will reflect in your full body and in every aspect of your life.  It’s your choice!  Power-food or weak-food?  Enjoy life!  That’s what you are here for.

This is totally counter to conventional thinking.

The 5 Superhero Secrets (a powerful audio series as my free gift to you instantly available right in the sidebar), will show you a step by step process to break free from the negative results that “conventional” experts claim are inevitable.  You are UNIQUE, and your situation is unique, therefore your results in life are unique to you as well.  For me, it works to eat freely as have created my life with a focus on freedom and enjoyment.  I enjoy a harmony of super “healthy” foods as well as anything else that connects with my happiness and joy.  So as a disclaimer I would say, eat sweets with moderation and balance different kinds of foods.  Although it is possible to TRAIN yourself to obtain amazing results from ALL the  foods you eat, it takes practice and lots of conscious development.

Feel free to comment or create a “forum” down here.  I will make sure to answer any Superfood related questions you ask and I would love to hear from your Superfoods experience!

To your Superpowers!!!!!  YAYYY!!!!  Victoria Vives

  • Veronica

    VIVA la VICTORIA!!!! Wonderful article – I’m excited to try all ten of the superfoods – THANKS – You are SUPER AWESOME!!!

  • I LOVE Kombucha! It’s such a great drink… coconut oil is good too… good on toast and stuff like that.

    I don’t drink regular milk… I drink rice dream which is really good… real healthy too!

    Great post! Superfoods ROCK!


  • Dante’ Toms

    Wow I never heard of most of these foods. I’m loving the benefits. Can’t wait to try them in my diet.

  • Awesome, no wonder you’re so amazing!

    I love your Spanish omelets :)

    Hmm, maybe I’ll use the Superhero Secrets to bring them into my life on a regular basis!

  • I Love chia seeds!
    Matt Sison

    Nice site by the way!

  • Victoria Vives

    @Veronica: Thank you Veronica!!!! So cool to stay in touch ^_^

    @David: Coconut on toast! Wow! I have to try that :) Rice milk is awesome! Did you try almond milk? It is my fav!

    @Dante’: Yeah! To your Superpowers!

    @Nhan: Thank you Nhan! Yeah, you should use The 5 Superhero Secrets!!!!

    @Matt: Aren’t chia seeds fun? Glad you enjoyed the website ^_^

  • This is a great list.

    I recently started to experiment with a primal diet (based on Mark Sisson’s advice). While I generally agree with his outlook, I didn’t find out which foods I should be eating, so I ended up feeling hungry at times without knowing what I can eat, or how I can apply his suggestions.

    So I would definitely have to agree with adding biscuits to the list. If it makes you feel happy, it should make an appearance on your diet, especially in moderation.

    Also, thanks for pointing out that I can eat the coconut oil raw! I absolutely LOVE coconut, but didn’t know what to do with the oil!

  • Gourmet Food

    thanks for sharing,

  • UF

    Right on

  • Hi Victoria,

    Thanks a lot, great post!

    I can confirm the benfits of coconut oil.

    My stepmother used it successfully to get rid of her psoriasis spots, I used it to soften and eliminate hard, dried & cracked skin on the soles of my feet (nearly back to baby feet, feeels great!).

    My biggest daily dose is at breakfast. I take a big spoonful of hardened oil (white & firm), pour half a bowl of boiling water over it, then put oats into the mixture. It becomes creamy, swells up the oats and tastes delicious. Cheap and easy, great food for those on a budget (students) and/or those who love it (like me). Can also mix in banana, raising, nuts, if you like. Tastes much better freshly bought and home-combined than bought in ready mixed (cheap low quality grains with sugar to hide the lack of taste).

    Also, did you know that coconut oil, honey, cocoa powder and grated coconut make great chocolate? Heat & mix, our into ice cube containers & freeze. Delicious, also makes good gifts.

    Must try out colostrum, but have no idea where to source it from, will do some web searching.

    Thanks again,


  • victor

    thanks so much on sharing your superfoods and i will be out shopping for these superfoods…………..thanks victoria


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