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Be bold.   Be and express who you really are. We need the real you, the original unique you, the perfect piece to complete the puzzle, in order to be part of the one light, one love, one energy.  There is no need for things to be hard if we are one, if we are together.

Calling all “missing” or “distorted” pieces. You are not alone.  You don’t need to adapt.  It’s time to be YOU! And you know what?  Better for people to know us and not like us rather than like us because they don’t really know us.

Three things about the “lesser known” me.  Things I love and rarely share:

–  I believe there is intelligent life on other planets and that we will have more and more opportunities for interaction

–  Once, years ago, the sun literally came through the window in humanoid form and touched my feet

–  I chose to come back to life after a near death experience

Do you want to leave a comment sharing three things about the real you…?  I would love that!

My unconditional love to the real you!   Victoria

  • Hilton H. Hoskins Jr.

    Three little known things about me are:

    I am very nervous and get defensive around a crowd of people. I go into fight mode quick. I’m not really sure why but I do.

    A lot of my skills and things that I’m good at that people thought I had a teacher for or was taught but I taught myself.

    I am a lot stronger than many people think I am.

    I’m always in pain. People usually can’t tell because I don’t show it.

    I believe in facing my fears and overcoming them.

    I have a big heart.

    I’m a very spiritual person.

    I love a challenge.

    I would risk my life to help anyone that needs my help.

    I’ve actually had an out of body experience.

    I also believe that we are not the only planet with life on it and have an interesting theory and feeling about that.

    That’s all I could think of right now. I know you said three things V, but I got carried away sorry.

    Much love to you,

  • Wow! Hilton! This is awesome!

    Thank you very much for your openness and sharing!!!! Love it!

    Much Love to YOU!

  • Shabazz

    Nice! and so true, her are a few things about me
    1. I believe man reaches a state of maturity at know particular time.

    2. I believe that god, Allah, the creator, the force or whatever created every thing is something to be aligned with not submitted to.

    3.At one point in life I was certain I would attain super powers(as in Marvel comics styled powers).

  • Cool Shabazz!!!! I know you can still attain super powers!!!! Look at me, I never thought that I could carry two guys uphill and I could. It is all in our minds :) Believe, be positive and focus… you will attain anything! Love, V

  • Daniel

    1) I feel as if my purpose in life was to serve my parents. I love them dearly and they are my true faith in the world.

    2) I believe I almost died in a dream and woke up breathing hard and almost out of air. I believe it was a near death experience – a few more minutes and I’d be a goner. Worse yet, the dream was about me walking into heaven but I felt I had to leave because “it wasn’t time yet” for me to go. I also said, “It can’t end like this.”

    3) I smile all the time and believe that undying, pure love is the ultimate high (high on life). I get this from my dear mother and I am thankful she gave me such a happy demeanor to live life with.

  • Daniel, that is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing it!

    Glad you stayed on Earth longer too :)

    Much Love, V

  • well, the real 3 sides of me ….
    let’s try this :

    1 – would be the absolute, the completion of everything

    2 – is the mirror, the good and the bad, life and death, love and hate, war and peace

    3 – should be the gateway to infinity, 3 colors endlessly blended …


  • Thank you for sharing the real you, Vince :) “Gateway to infinity…” Powerful! V

  • Brian

    Victoria is it true that you carried two guys and also i see people crying for help but i desperately need superpowers to help people kinda like a superman and must i have a near death or out of body experience before i gain superpowers please aunty victoria enlighten me more. Thanks i love you

  • Shabazz

    Thanks luv!

  • Brian, you are perfect as you are. Once you are able to help people with what you have right now, you will then be ready to expand your capacities. The word “desperately” sabotages your wishes. Act from joy instead from need. Practice The 5 Superhero Secrets

    Much Love, Victoria


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