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Rain or Shine… Daily Nature Walk!


Rain or Shine… Daily Nature Walk!

Snake Medicine and Dance Medicine back into my Life!

Snake Medicine Dance

After 20 years without Snake Medicine and 6 years without truly embracing Dance Medicine… Now both together!!!

Ready to transform your life in 2017?

Ready to transform your life in 2017?

Return of the Divine Feminine ONLINE CONFERENCE

Join Mª Victoria Vives Khuong and other wonderful presenters to delve into the awareness and energy of the divine feminine that exist within all of us. This energy is now returning to the planet bringing forth balance and harmony in order to usher in a sacred dance of unity with the masculine and assist in the shift…

Shamanism and Sacred Sexuality at Elements!

Third year teaching at Elements Gathering! I had the honor to offer Shamanism workshops once again for the tribe and also for kids!  And for the first time…  I offered a Sacred Sexuality for Women workshop.  I am forever grateful to join with my Sisters in such powerful and healing way!! A big thanks to Chris…

Mt Shasta’s Divine Starlight was… AMAZING!!!!

Psychic Reader Certification is almost here!

Psychic Reader Certification is almost here!!!

Smelling the Roses… LITERALLY!!!!

Summer Update! YAYYY!!!!

FREE Crystal Grid REIKI Distance Healing!

I will be offering complimentary healing this Wednesday with a powerful group of Healers training for their REIKI Mastery. If you would like to be included, just comment below including your name and general location. NOTE: if you ask for healing for someone else, you will need their permission. ONE MORE NOTE: Only petitions from…

Awaken The Goddess Within ~ Available Worldwide

Embody and express the Goddess energy from within in this Sacred Goddess Path… This event is for women only.  RSVP>> Rejoice in the experience of allowing your relationships to flourish as your heart opens and shines the nourishing divine energy of love in its true expression.  Fully savor life in all its ecstasy as you connect with the powerful and primal creative healing force…