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“Birth of the Dragon”

My husband and I were briefly interviewed for CCTV News regarding the new film about Bruce Lee “Birth of the Dragon”.  The interview will be available soon!

Forging a Hammer… THOR!!!!

Victoria Vives Khuong Martial Arts Weapons

CHAIN JANE vs. Streetbeat

FULL VIDEO!!! 3V Undercover: Jackson – VICTORIA VIVES

MP4 Download at Credits: Victoria Vives, Marcus Marshall.


I often received fitness related questions and this morning, I was asked how somebody who is not athletically inclined can learn Martial Arts.   The issue of not feeling fitness oriented and finding a way to integrate a greater level of physicality in one’s life is also closely related to the feeling of not feeling athletically inclined. I will…


Check out my 4-page spread in Budo International – Cinturon Negro.  June issue in Spain, France, Italy, Germany, and Portugal.  Soon on the Budo International website in English!!  Thank you Salvador Herraiz for this interview!  You can read the previous draft here, but make sure to check out the final interview at Budo International –…

TEAL SWAN Interview by VICTORIA VIVES ~ Starseed Indigo

[VISIT THE ARCHIVES] ~ . ~ [WATCH YOUTUBE ARCHIVES] Victoria Vives Khuong hosting EARTH SKY people RADIO and EARTH SKY people TV Living in Harmony with Mother Earth and Awakening to an Intergalactic Society! In this interview with Teal Swan, you will learn about: Different types of Starseeds The 11 Dimensions Human Extraterrestrials Practical tips to…

Interview for Girls of Action ~ SECRETS

Victoria Vives’ Secrets Revealed in GOA Interview!! How do you keep your body in shape? Thank you for asking that question becuase I think it can open some readers to new ideas. Most people equate staying in shape with exercising and a strict diet. There’s usually a lot suffering and sacrifice involved with the conventional…


NEW EPISODE of the 3V Undercover series! Agent 3V gets teletransported to a parallel dimension, where she faces two skillful merciless monks, where all that she knows about fighting and Martial Arts will be challenged. And the skill of her enemies goes beyond measure. Would 3V harness the power of magic in this realm? Would…