From Self-Improvement to Self-Exploration

I recently met Lincoln through YouTube. He is the channel for Higher Self. I have been very inspired by his powerful creation. He offers close to a thousand free videos and has several websites, all of them with great content. His sharing is always positive and has a very relaxing and spiritual quality.

He recommended some videos to me, for some of the things I am working on. I watched them last night, and there was something that really got me! Something that brought me great relief. Something that I wish I was told when I was three. This one thing was to focus on self-exploration rather than on self-improvement. This is huge! How different would our life be if we look at ourselves not like something that needs to be fix in any way, but with curiosity, with the excitement of discovering who we really are, letting ourselves be astonished by our beingness without the need of a long journey of “becoming better”, but just BE, right here, right now, in appreciation and unconditional love.

This is one of the many videos from Channel Higher Self:

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  • Thank you Victoria for sharing some of my guidance on your website. Our conversations have been great this week. I am very happy to have met you and am excited to see what you continue to create with your “superhero powers”. We all have so many wonderful gifts to share and such amazing abilities, yet we often neglect to step into our personal power. You are doing this! And you have become a Light for this world. Thank you so much and I wish you the very best. Many blessings and much Love.

  • Thank you Lincoln! It is my pleasure to help sharing your message and making available more and more light. I am very happy to have met you too and I look forward to our collaboration, so that we can share with others what we know to be true: that we all have amazing gifts, that we are pure energy able to become anything we choose. This energy is the fabric that builds everything in this universe, so who we are is our choice – FREE WILL.

    Thank you for our conversations and inspiration. Thank you for creating such amount of content to inspire so many people.

    My appreciation to you. Much Love,



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