A NEW week, A NEW beginning…


Happy 2016!!!


To a Powerful 2016…

To start a powerful 2016…

1) What do you want to release?
2) What do you create space for?

Much Love <3



REIKI Wellbeing ~ Energy Healing Certification Programs

REIKI http://www.ReikiWellbeing.org
Crystal Healing http://www.CrystalHealer.org
Sound Healing http://www.SoundHeals.org
Shamanism http://www.ShamanicRoots.com
Aboriginal Skills http://www.EarthSkyPeople.org
Sacred Sexuality http://www.DivineSexuality.org
Mt Shasta Retreat http://www.DivineStarlight.com

My Spiritual Name

Hi Friends. I intend to live up to the meaning of my spiritual names!!!!

1) My Spiritual Name in Kundalini Yoga is HAR BHAGTI KAUR, the creative, prosperous and kind Princess/Lioness who is devoted to serving God in all throughout her life.

HAR is a Name of God whose vibration brings kindness, creativity and spiritual prosperity into one’s life.

BHAGTI means Devotion.

KAUR The Princess/Lioness of God who walks with grace and strength throughout her life.

MEANING: I devotionally serve God in all through the creative power of kindness and prosperity. The minds and hearts of those around me are enriched and prosper by the depth of my compassionate service and spiritual ingenuity.

2) My Spiritual Name in the Zulu tradition (one of my Shamanic Lineages) is NOSIPHOKAZI, which means “the biggest gift of all, she is the gift of all the gifts”.

* * My “normal” name, Victoria Vives Khuong, means “Victory Lives Health”. My maiden name was M. Victoria Vives Vila. M stands for Maria/Mary which is giving to some women and I now recognize as a representation of the Divine Feminine (Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene…) and Vila means “Will, desire, protection, village”.

Winter Solstice Healing was Sent!

You can watch this Winter Solstice Healing video and tune into the Blessings that were shared!


My Holiday Gifts to YOU!


Happy Holiday Season!

When I embarked on my healing journey, I realized that every time I focused on learning more about healing, it was both a gift to myself and also a gift to those around me.

I could feel the immense impact that it had on my life and how I was able to contribute to the world at large, by changing hatred for love, pain for bliss, alienation for Oneness…

With the need for healing in our world today, this path has brought me to a position where I can give to others at many levels and I trust the same will be available to you if that is your wish.

I would like to contribute to your healing journey today if you would allow me and make that my Holiday Gift to you.

I am thrilled to gift you:

* FREE MP3s & EFT Chart EFT and Hypnotherapy: WEALTH Use code WEALTH.
* FREE $50 GIFT CARD when joining Energy HEALER Apprenticeship or SHAMANIC Healer Mentorship.
* FREE $25 GIFT CARD when joining PLANT MEDICINE Certification or DIVINE SEXUALITY Course.
* $100 OFF on classes when referring a new student that signs up for a 1 Yr Program.
* $30 OFF on classes when referring a new student that signs up for a full day class or $10 OFF for a 2 hr class.
* FREE $10 GIFT CARD when joining any 2016 class other than the above.

Whether you choose the gift of healing for yourself or someone you know who may need it, we will all receive the blessings!  These Gift are available until December 27th 2015.

Also, most class and program rates will increase on January 1st, but you can book any 2016 classes now in order to keep 2015 prices.

Below you will find the 2016 calendar of events.

Have a wondrous Holiday Season!

Love and Blessings,

Victoria Vives Khuong



ROAAAAR!!! Good Morning Friends!

I went to the Wild to purify myself from the sea of sometimes pointless battles (stress, noise, traffic, disconnection from our true empowerment…) and to bathe in the primal life that runs through mountains and rivers, connected to the Elements, the Plant People, the Animal People, the Rock People, and of course, with awesome Human People, Nhan-Esteban, Jim Robertson and others… I feel now recharged and back in FULL STRENGTH.

Sometimes I forget that I AM WILD and that I get empowered by the protection that only Nature can grant and transfer to each of my cells, deep into my soul…


I felt called to gather some plant medicines and soon enough, I understood why! Shortly after returning to the city, I woke up in the middle of the night with inflamed tonsils. I remember an old friend told me that you don’t normally get sick up in the mountains but only when you come back into the city where the bacteria thrives. I felt so fortunate to know how to restore balance naturally with herbs and basic ingredients at home and… in the morning, I felt renewed and with my tonsils back to normal! YAYY!!!

I will be teaching the popular Wildcrafting Herbal Medicine classes again with Nhan-Esteban Khuong in 2016, this time within a Plant Medicine Certification course that includes classes on Herbal Poultices, Aromatherapy, Medicinal Food Recipes and Wines, Hydrosols and so much more!!!! We will also have the immense honor to have Jim Robertson co-teaching again in some of the classes.

Join us and reconnect with nature and the healing wisdom of our Ancestors.


Plant Medicine Certification

Plant Medicine Certification

So yes, I am back in town and I love technology, internet, computers, and such because I LOVE to connect with you, so I feel now balance and new harmony. So I will be answering some of the messages, emails, etc. etc. soon (the ones I can locate and get to, so many at this moment!).

And now… DO THE ROAR!!!! ROAAAARRRRRRR!!! Hahahaha!!!! (Inside joke if you have seen Shrek :) )

Much Love <3


Complimentary Winter Solstice Healing

Hello Beautiful Friend!

I will be offering complimentary Distance Healing on Winter Solstice.

If you would like to be included, just comment below including your name and general location and you will receive this Winter Solstice Healing.

NOTE: if you ask for healing for someone else, you will need their permission.

ONE MORE NOTE: Only petitions from the comments below will be included (NO facebook/email/etc) so that I can have all petitions in one place and make sure to include everyone.

Looking forward to sharing wonderful healing with you!



Victoria Vives at The Activation Hour!

The Activation Hour with Victoria Vives Khuong on the Divine Feminine & Escaping From Matrixes

activation-hourIn this episode, we discuss extreme human behavior, tampon dangers and why you should be using organic cotton tampons, colon hydrotherapy benefits, and Lane Bryant’s “Plus Is Equal” ad campaign. In hour two, Victoria Vives Khuong of Earth Sky People Radio joins us to discuss the divine feminine and masculine, breaking free from the matrix, and more ideas about living in harmony with our bodies and our Earth.

Check out The Activation Hour’s archives with Sharon Schloss and Susan Kornacki at

  • VIDEO 1: Interview 1hr
  • VIDEO 2: Preliminary Show and Interview 2hrs


Preliminary Show and Interview