A Sacred Frequency Question for YOU!

Hi Friends!! I will be recording this week because some of you have asked me for a longer version of the Sacred Frequencies to make it into a meditation audio and… I LOVE THE IDEA! So I am going to make that happen. I just need help deciding which theme I should do.

If you can comment on this post or on facebook so that I can check the all the answers that would be awesome. It can be the theme of one of the videos I already did (the ones below) or a new theme altogether.

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! This is happening because of YOU! Love. Victoria

The Frequency of Love

Release Blockages

Guides and Angels

Manifest Wealth

Decalciphy Pineal Gland

Transmute Fear into Safety

Self-Expression ~ THROAT Chakra

Powerful Grounding
After Sacred Frequencies you can ground with this!

Playlist With All Sacred Frequencies!


UPDATE On January 31st: [More Sacred Frequencies After January 2014>>]

Hi Friends!!!! I am so excited to share the results from your feedback on the Sacred Frequencies! Thank you so much for your help and your love, it means a lot to me. You can see all the votes and the winner (as well as some EXCITING sharing) in the following link. I LOVE YOU <3 And the Sacred Frequency Winner is…>>

  • Stuart Clark

    Your own divinity / wholeness … ?! A possible theme … ?! Thanks Victoria … Stu … !

  • VictoriaVives

    Beautiful, Stu! I take note of it. Many Blessings!

  • Stuart Clark

    Thanks Victoria … Indeed … Many Blessings … ! Love your work ! Stu !

  • Rose Taranto

    I love your work, so go with what inspires you. Thank you for sharing your work with us Victoria

  • Soukeyna Alexis


    I have some blockages with manifesting wealth and self expression. So I automatically listened to the videos focusing on the lack there of. However, I instantly fell connected to the “Guides & Angels” video, and Stu’s suggestion is a great idea also.

    Thank you for being such a great inspiration to me and others. You’re a breath of fresh air.

  • VictoriaVives

    Thank you, Rose! It is my pleasure <3 Many Blessings!

  • VictoriaVives

    Wonderful, Soukeyna! Wow! That is a beautiful name <3 I take note of your suggestions. And thank you so much for your kind words. Sending Great Love to YOU <3

  • VictoriaVives

    Thank you so much, Stu <3 Blessings and Love!

  • Limitlass

    They are all amazing….its so hard to choose just one for a longer version. I think the biggest complaint I hear is from people just waking up telling me that they are unable to make contact with their Angels and Guides, although that might be due to calcification of the pineal gland or energy blockages….so they are all important. Anything you choose will be of benefit. And thank you for your of your help in awakening humanity.

  • Stuart Clark

    Thanks Victoria … ! Your talents are appreciated , your energy love & devotion to helping people through these channels is benefiting so many … It’s wonderful … Blessings & love … ! Stu !

  • Jordan

    I Would Like To See A Longer Video To Facilitate Transcendental Meditation. It’s simple And Basic And Serves Many Purposes.

  • VictoriaVives

    Thank you so much! Sending love and blessings your way ^_^ LOVE <3

  • VictoriaVives

    It is true that it goes all together!!

  • VictoriaVives

    Great idea! Thank you, Jordan :)

  • VictoriaVives

    You always have kind words <3

  • Stuart Clark

    Pleasure Victoria … So much life & love in so many incredible people like yourself … It’s the great spiritual qualities I enjoy to celebrate with you ( within you ) really a pleasure ! Stu !

  • VictoriaVives


  • Lita DeLeon

    Hello, love, light, blessings and all respect <3
    I love all frequencies and that is why I'm going with combining them all <3
    What could be better then clearing and enhancing all!

  • Stuart Clark

    Smiles … !

  • Amy Feemster

    I think the releasing blockages one, it is well rounded, and I do this when I am upset, I use tonal singing or vocallity to expel what is bothering me in sound and feel very balanced after finishing, thank you for the query and I look forward to hearing more.

  • Victor Boggio

    Good stuff for meditation. I’m doing Kundalini with Silva Method to concentrate deeper for a better meditation.

    I love you,

    Victor Boggio

  • VictoriaVives

    Thank you, Lita! It is so wonderful to know that you enjoy them and combining them all sounds great :) I take note of it <3 BLESSINGS!

  • VictoriaVives

    Amy, I’m so glad to hear that :) Releasing blockages is being the most voted on facebook! Thank you for your feedback!!!

  • VictoriaVives

    Thank you for sharing, Victor! I love you too!!

  • VictoriaVives

    Hi! I have the results :) You can see all the votes and the winner (as well as some EXCITING sharing) in the following link. I LOVE YOU <3 http://victoriavives.com/favorite-sacred-frequencies

  • GiGi Vaughn

    Inner power has dissolved my pain in my sciatic nerve and in my hip I truly appreciate your precious gifts! thank you my Sista, peace&grace

  • VictoriaVives

    GiGi, thank you so much for sharing this! Sending Love and Blessings your way <3


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