Just Human

After years in self-development, you might find yourself growing and becoming better and better in your search for self-improvement, close to perfection… Yet one day, you might find a door, one you haven’t crossed in long years because it was so hard to face what was behind those walls. Back then you decided to put it apart and leave it in darkness, focusing on bringing harmony to the rest of your mansion. But now when everything looks so clean and neat, this door is even more noticeable to you, and what is behind it even more challenging and out of harmony with the rest. Opening this door literally takes your breath away. You are used to being seen and see yourself as a benevolent person, but that room, that room is not only dark, it is also dusty after all these years of abandonment and suppression.

But it is in this moment when you realize that human life is not about perfection. The highest qualities to develop are not skills, but virtues of the heart: compassion, acceptance, humility, and ultimately unconditional love – all the things that, in a perfect world, would have no place, would not be necessary, and therefore we would not be able to learn. So being “just” human is indeed not a small thing, but a profound and transformational journey.

So even if you have been immersed in spirituality and have flown through beautiful worlds in your meditations, dedicate time to open those hidden doors. Let the air inside those rooms be renewed, let the light reach those areas that you might feel not proud of; they are, after all, a part of you. There is great opportunity for learning, an untapped block of energy that you can now release and use in the way you really wish.

Victoria Vives

When Something Is Not Fair


I recently grew spiritually and started channeling my unique perspective on our Higher Self. This is not like a strange being, but it is me, in a fuller way, my expression and translation of All-that-is.

I have found some doubt from close people about whether this was actually happening for real, me communicating with my source and receiving messages. I have to say, I was one of the people doubting these kind of events when I was at the other side of the curtain. Without the experience the words are empty, they lack of something that our minds can grasp.

We are used to look for answers outside ourselves, to trust anyone’s opinion rather than ours. Who could ever know more about YOU but YOU?

This is about self-empowerment. About being your best teacher.

So once you skip all the busy thoughts that covered up your clarity, you can access that infinite knowledge, that wisdom that is your true essence. And you can see the answers at the same time that the questions appear. It is that simple. It is not supernatural but most NATURAL. Supernatural is the amount of preoccupations that we carry in a regular day. I doubt that any other living kind would be so powerful to drag daily such level of limiting and foggy cloud in their minds and continue to live in joy. Yes, we are powerful and we can now go to the next level in evolution – Merge with our true Self. Live in a world of fulfillment and infinite potential. It is worth the try.

I am not sure whether I will share my new experience of channeling with my family or not, since I don’t know what they would think. At the same time, if this is not shared, how are we to evolve? We are in 2011 and it is just normal than evolution continues. What should we supposed to become, half machines? Is that really necessary? Or can we get access to the source, understand the code of life, just like Neo, bending physical reality and accessing an eternal and unlimited reality. Wait, is that supposed to happen in thousands of years? Well, why not NOW?

Victoria Vives

Higher Self

This was the first message I received from Higher Self on 3/22/11. The beginning of a new life before me. I originally recorded it on my iPhone, then transcribe it, and then read it for this video :)

If you are curious to know how everything happened, check out www.HigherSelfCommunity.com/channeling


Women of Worth

Victoria’s WOW Story at www.womenofworthmagazine.com

If your friends jump off a cliff, would you jump too?” This is the age old rhetorical question that parents ask their children in order to shine the light of reason on the tyranny of peer pressure.

Who knew that adults would face far worse pressures but without the guidance of a caretaker? Who will ask, “If your friends settle for mediocrity, will you settle too?” Who will shine the light of passion and inspiration on the tyranny of convention and “common sense”?

You will.

You have the power to achieve anything you want… but where and how to start? All you need is a dream, belief in yourself and a bit of uncommon sense.

Seven years ago I was in living in Spain and barely surviving through one of the greatest trials of my life. I felt empty, unloved and unsuccessful. I was frantically searching for my place in the world.

I dreamed of Los Angeles, a faraway place that I once visited. It was a place so different, so open and with such an amazing wide sky! It was the perfect place to start fresh.

Well, I didn’t feel prepared. I had tried before and it was just too challenging. I didn’t know anyone in California, let alone LA. I didn’t have a car, I didn’t know how to drive, nor could I even speak English. Most of the people in my life discouraged me at every turn. My dream was crushed before I could even begin plans.

Out of desperation and with nothing to lose, I took the plunge and did what my friends wouldn’t do. I stepped off the proverbial cliff… into the void!

Without any plan, I bought a ticket to Los Angeles and left my home in Spain in search of my life and dreams.

With nothing but a small suitcase, $400, and the clothes on my back, I walked the streets of LA looking for a place to stay, talking to strangers without being able to understand much of what they were saying. It was hardly an ideal situation. In fact it was frightening and downright dangerous at times, yet I was happy.

I somehow found my way around. I managed to establish myself for the first month by renting a room in East LA and surviving on raw collard greens and uncooked ramen noodles. At the end of the month I had not yet found a job and only had $14 left. The rent was coming… that was $300! What would I do? As my options dwindled, I called my family. Knowing I still had the return flight on my roundtrip ticket, they urged me to do the “smart” thing, the only thing that made “sense”– return to Spain.

I couldn’t.

I said to myself, “I might have to sleep on the streets, but this is the place where I want to stay. I need to breathe this air and see this sky everyday. My heart ‘needs it’, and so I stayed.

That same week I explained my situation to one of the few friends I had made in LA during that short first month, and was offered my first job and a home to stay in. My life changed overnight just because I trusted my dream. I trusted that the Universe had a plan for me even when I couldn’t yet see it. I surrendered to the organizing principle of life – LOVE. What you love holds the key to success and happiness. Sometimes it requires great faith and courage, but it is worth it – every time.

Now, seven years later, I am happily married, living in a house I could not have dreamed of, I am a successful martial artist actress and producer known by many and I have that nourishing feeling of being where I belong.

If you can dream it, you can have it.

I’ve been at rock bottom and have come back stronger for it with the absolute KNOWING that each and every one of us has the capacity to achieve our respective desires. Sometimes, growing and actualizing one’s self means stepping off that cliff or taking that leap of faith despite the odds or what “sensibility” dictates.

Believe in yourself. Learn to listen to your heart and everything else will follow!

I decided to go a step further and be of more light and service to others, to be actively involved in the improvement of the lives of many, thanks to my experiences of challenges and victories.

As my gift to you on your journey to success, download your complimentary copy of The 5 Superhero Secrets.

Visit me also at Higher Self Community for additional additional resources on the power of wellness and self-discovery. I look forward to meeting you!

Victoria Vives

The Beauty Of Versatility

My interview in www.roninmagazine.webs.com. Special thanks to Juan Laborde.

The Beauty Of Versatility

How many skills are too many?

Is it better to master one skill or be a Jack-of-all-trades?

Well, I say, who cares!

It’s not about studying few or many skills, but rather about mastering and knowing one’s self.

Before I explain, let me share with you a bit about myself.

I am originally from Spain, and live in LA now. I’ve studied many Martial Arts over the years ranging from classical styles like Wing Chun, Kendo and Kiryu Kenpo, combat sports like MMA, Boxing and Kickboxing, stage fighting and gymnastics, to reality based self defense arts like Jeet Kune Do and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Going back in time, there were two aspects that really attracted me to martial arts. One was the movies. Fight scenes demonstrating such a great skill, such an excitement! It was artistry and passion turned into flowing yet powerful movements.

The other aspect was the inner development, the mastery of energy. Somehow, I felt that this was an intrinsic aspect that would stay with me forever.

So, if you put it together, my drive was about self-discovery and self-expression.

Some of the styles I practiced have been more instinct or animal based while others have been more spiritually based.

I have not been a martial artist all my life, in fact, I started martial arts about seven years ago. Before that, you could say that I was pure warrior energy in need to be tamed. In other words I was a warrior at heart but without any training.

The ways in which I would experience self discovery and self expression before entering the martial art world varied from singing to acting to drawing and painting, to writing poetry. Oftentimes people would tell me that I was spreading myself too thin as I continued to learn new skills. What I noticed however, was that I could use what I was learning in martial arts to improve my dance technique. I could use aspects of breathing from singing to improve my martial arts. I began to feel and understand that all my skills, thoughts, feelings, and experiences formed an intricately interconnected web expanding in all directions, like the universe, rather than following a singular path.

Even now I continue to expand by exploring new ways of expressing myself. For example, teaching martial arts, founding a production company, starting the How 2B a Superhero movement to empower others, and studying the Healing Arts.

Whether you choose one skill to develop for life or you decide to explore many, the driving force behind your choice is what really matters. The “why” is always more important than the “what”.

So next time that you are about of deciding which path to take in your life, or when somebody suggests
to you that it has to be “either or”, remember that it can indeed be “and”. Choose wisely and know “why” you choose.

With Love, Victoria Vives

Outstanding CNN HERO!

CNN Hero Narayanan Krishnan. He gave up a career as a chef to feed the homeless three meals a day
in Madurai, India.

You can become a true hero now! Volunteer and donate for Narayanan Krishnan’s charity here: www.AkshayaTrust.org



From Self-Improvement to Self-Exploration

I recently met Lincoln through YouTube. He is the channel for Higher Self. I have been very inspired by his powerful creation. He offers close to a thousand free videos and has several websites, all of them with great content. His sharing is always positive and has a very relaxing and spiritual quality.

He recommended some videos to me, for some of the things I am working on. I watched them last night, and there was something that really got me! Something that brought me great relief. Something that I wish I was told when I was three. This one thing was to focus on self-exploration rather than on self-improvement. This is huge! How different would our life be if we look at ourselves not like something that needs to be fix in any way, but with curiosity, with the excitement of discovering who we really are, letting ourselves be astonished by our beingness without the need of a long journey of “becoming better”, but just BE, right here, right now, in appreciation and unconditional love.

This is one of the many videos from Channel Higher Self:

Check out Lincoln’s channel at Channel Higher Self


Reiki Level I

Last night, February 23rd 2010, I completed Reiki Level I, so I am now a practitioner. I gave my first three treatments then and three more await today. This brings me great happiness!

I always had great… how should I call it? Energy? Power? Intensity? This capacity could do good or bad, could build or destroy. It has been a long journey of “taming” myself. A lot of learning. I now feel ready for a new life, to giving my best, helping others, creating Heaven on Earth, experiencing myself as LOVE.

I practiced the art of channeling energy long long ago in Spain, in a Metaphysics group. I remember those times as some of the best in my life. Helping others feel good while feeling so good inside. That is the way in which you can help others feel good, by feeling good inside first, holding that intention and then extending it to others. It is simpler than it seems, even simpler than making others feel bad, because the nature and basis of life is one of love and wellbeing.

I plan on doing a semi open house Reiki, perhaps next week, so if you are in LA or San Gabriel Valley and you want to come, let me know!

Much Love,

Victoria’s REIKI group

Insight From The Man Who Had 300 Near Death Experiences

It is interesting how some of the coolest stuff that I have found in my research (better said, in my finding*) has been come out of moments when I was feeling down. I wanted to find confirmation about what I believed we are capable of and further my understanding about life and existence. This was the case yesterday. The down lasted about ten minutes. The result… knowledge that will be a part of me for the rest of my life!

Cory Herter, also known as Core Love (L.O.V.E. Laws Of Vibrational Energy)

In yesterday’s case, I found out about a man who had three hundred near death experiences and spent more than a thousand hours on the “other side”.

Cory Herter, had a car accident when he was ten which brought his first near death experience. As a result, he lost the memory of his first ten years, “clearing” any unresolved childhood issues. He started living fully in the now. Right after that, and for five consecutive years, he had three hundred more near death experiences, about one every five days.

In the video below to the left, he shares great wisdom with the humor of a kid. He speaks about our human bodies having installed Superhero powers ready to be tapped in. He also talks about the beings that are helping him develop SacredG Technology, the Councils. He shares that there is life on every single planet in our Solar System, although we can’t see it due to our different frequency of vibration.

He also explains some of the things that he experienced on the other side, and actually matches some of the things I believe in regards to the sun, if you read the article I wrote days ago about the sun in humanoid form touching my feet.

Thanks to the abnormal events he experienced and his connection with beings from other dimensions, he was given the ability to create technology to heal his brain and learned about Sacred Geometry, DNA Activation, Life After Death, Energy Healing, and more!

He had lots of free stuff online, videos and tools, as well as free events. For some reason most of the online stuff he had was deleted this month of February 2011. Wishing to have all his sharing back! If you have something from him that you wish to share, I would love that! Thank you :)

It is very exciting to discover more and more magic in this world! Live without limits!!!!! YAYYYY!!!!!

Victoria Vives

Try some SacredG Technology for free here http://www.sacredg.com/pages/Gspot.html

(*)Research sounds cool but it literally means to search and search, while finding describes what I want itself, to find.

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