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  • Robert Orth

    Majestic expression of pure love. Definitely a frequency that is a divinely unique expression of the beauty of source within connecting to the source of all. I’m greatful to know you.

  • Linda

    Such a lovely expression of true nature coming through a beautiful being! Thank you, Victoria – for the joyful sharing of your gifts!

  • Brendalee


  • VictoriaVives

    Thank you for your beautiful and inspiring words <3 Many blessings, Robert!

  • VictoriaVives

    Thank you for your kind words, Linda! It is my pleasure to be able to share with YOU <3

  • VictoriaVives


  • AquarianRain

    So Beautiful! I LOVE the way the light began to shine as the singing bowl frequencies began to resonate. Your voice is LIFE!! Peace Goddess!

  • VictoriaVives

    Thank you so much for your kind words <3 Blessings and Love

  • SunFireCrystal

    Yes it was amazingly Precious and Powerful, I felt your joy! and really saw your emotional experience with your Divinity. and Oh my! How Beautiful the Orb of light was that shone on the left side of the screen, each time you were in accord with your most sacred frequencies. Just in Awe PeaceLightLove> I am moved and inspired. Give sacred Thanks!!!

  • VictoriaVives

    Thank you so much and thank you for sharing about the Orb of light!!! I didn’t noticed it but somebody else also mentioned it, so I decided to checked thanks to you both and I saw it too!! How beautiful! Lots of LOVE <3

  • Lance Taylor

    Much better than what i hear on American Idol. (joke) You certainly draw in one’s attention with the vibration of the sounds . I wonder if this singing is akin to something that was done throughout the ages in different cultures. Very natural and dramatic.

  • VictoriaVives

    Thank you, Lance! Much Love <3

  • Lance Taylor

    You are connecting with Lyra, and the 11th dimension? I would like to hear of this place, Lyra, this is like the harp of Lyra?, and the 11th dimension is also quite interesting a place to visit I am sure. Love is shared to be, I think, and goodness as well.


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