First times can feel hard, yet exciting! Inspired by my interview with Teal, I shot a video in which I am channeling something similar to Light Language. I never did something like this, so I appreciate your support and wanted to know what you guys think. Thank you! Love you!!


Similar to television channels, our energetic systems match energy frequencies.

The frequencies we match are the only ones we are able to receive, embody and transmit to others and to our environment.

Sooner or later these frequencies we send out come back to us as well and thus, perpetuating the cycle.

Being aware of our emotions and processing them to transform them, can change the world.

Also, with your intention, you can change your “antenna” in order to match, receive and broadcast positive frequencies.

In this video, my intention is to connect with the Lyra constellation, from the 11th dimension, and channel the frequency of Love.

You can resonate with it, embody it and then ground it into the Earth by visualizing this energy going down into the ground, reaching the whole world.

Victoria Vives

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