3 DIVINE SEXUALITY Hacks for busy women by Victoria Vives Khuong:

If you’re a busy woman, running around all day, not being able to have a moment to truly connect with your sexuality, I want to share with you these 3 hacks that have helped me so much, reconnecting with my sexuality even when I’m extremely extremely busy.

As multi-faceted beings that we are, it’s almost like we have different channels, and we really have to tune into those to be able to express them. So when we are in our business woman aspect, our mom aspect, or any other aspect that is not the sexual one, it is going to be difficult to truly have the bandwidth, to even think about sexuality, to even desire that sexuality because sometimes, we’re just burned out. Let’s get started!

Hack #1: Get naked

Yes, you heard me, get naked.

Side note: if anybody feels like getting naked is something obscene, or something that is not normal, I wonder why we got to this place, that something natural, the way that we are born, has become something almost like… shameful. So that’s why we need to reconnect with this. I understand, sometimes it might be difficult to find the moments to be naked at home if you live with other people that are not your partner. But if you live on your own, or you live with your partner only, what are you waiting for?!

I once in an interview, on a podcast, was asked what kind of pajamas we should wear. Well, why wear pajamas, if we are trying to get more sexuality into our lives, we need to connect with our physical bodies. Look up to nature! I mean, we see all the beautiful animals, they are not wearing pajamas right? So we can do the same. Just feeling comfortable in our bodies is going to already release that barrier that is in between us and having sexual relationships with our partners. Just make sure to keep your socks on! What?

Research shows that 80% of couples reach climax when wearing socks, compared to only 50% of couples not wearing them. Socks help regulate your body temperature and your blood flow and they help you be able to relax and feel warm, comfortable, cozy, and safe, which helps so very, very much with female orgasm.

Hack #2: Create Intimacy Rituals

As human beings, we are creatures of habit. That means that we have certain patterns, that is almost like a cue that gets us to get started with the day, do the next thing and the next thing and we don’t even realize but sometimes it’s the same, the exact same thing on a daily basis. So what we need to do is to incorporate new habits that really create the space for that intimacy, to mark our calendars or put the alarm to know that at that time, whatever you’re doing is not as important as taking this time for intimacy.

And sometimes this might feel like but sexuality should be spontaneous. Well, that would be great. But if at this very moment is not the case, you can rebuild that spontaneity by bringing the space into your life to experience it. So we need to put some dedication, nurture. It’s like a flower or a plant that you need to nurture on a regular basis. So by marking this on your calendar, even if it feels weird in the beginning, you are creating the space, you are telling to yourself, to your body, and to your partner, “This is important for me. I’m going to create a space for it” and as you continue building this habit from being in a place of, you know that it doesn’t feel so exciting, you will move into a place where you have this anticipation like “Ok, it’s coming!” Let me know how it goes.

Hack #3: Stay in the mood

So yeah, I’m not saying get in the mood, I’m saying stay in the mood. So how can we do this?

There is an exercise that I did with my husband, that is to remember the top 3 things that we are grateful for. In the same way, you could share every day, one of your sexual memories with your partner that you would like to celebrate, that you would like to remember. In that way, just talk about how you felt? What is that you like the most? Not only this brings the environment so that you are in that frequency of excitement, sensuality, ecstasy, but also it brings incredible information for your partner to know how to pleasure you. If this would be for yourself, and just you want to self pleasure yourself, then you could also just write on a journal, it’s almost like having that communication with somebody but instead of that it’s with ourselves on the journal and remember “Oh, I really enjoyed when I did this, when I did that, I placed my hand in this way…” whatever it was, but it start really tapping into that, and bask into that, milk it, and really make it count.

This has been 3 Sexuality Hacks for Busy Women. Let me know how it goes, let me know of other things that you might be doing… we can all support each other. I look forward to reading the comments. Visit me at https://VictoriaVives.com/Divine. You can download my free ebook, you can join our Facebook community and you can join our incredible life-changing courses so that we can work together. I look forward to it.

[This was the transcript of the video 3 Sexuality Hacks for Busy Women]

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