When an extremely stressing situation occurs our hypothalamus sends out a chemical signal to the adrenal glands activating the sympathetic system.

Then we start releasing adrenaline and noradrenalin, awakening our state of readiness to confront danger.

Our heart rate rises, our respiration increases, our pupils dilate… and our muscles contract more powerfully achieving amazing strength and agility.

We become more alert and use more energy.


In the video below, you can see a CRAZY conditioning exercise that I tried out last week.


My personal experience is that not only danger stimulates this adrenaline response, but any kind of excitement does this in more or less amount.

I had a voice teacher that made me aware of how the nervousness of going on stage would give me the adrenaline I needed to optimally respond to the situation.

When I train I find three things that help me generate Superhuman Strength. These three things you already know if you listened to The 5 Superhero Secrets (the free audio series that you can instantly access on the sidebar):

1 – Play Like a Kid or a Wild Animal:

Remember when you were small and you could run for hours without thinking of feeling tired? Well, that’s what I’m talking about! I would probably not do these things if it felt like an obligation, if it was with people I don’t like, if I was alone, or if it felt like a boring thing to do. Those scenarios just can’t generate enough energy flow to achieve this crazy stuff.

2 – Leverage Your Efforts by Using The Power of a Team:

I joined my friends in their goal of getting ready for their MMA fight in April (even though I’m not competing) because I know how leverage works and I had to take this massive opportunity! The right frequency of vibration is generated all around and easily sustained by all of us and our excitement. I just have to immerse myself into it and it just takes me with it!

We have been doing a lot of extreme stuff for the last month, but when I heard Nhan explaining the exercises in the above video, I thought he was crazy. I didn’t know if I wanted to even try. Once they started he decided to add the dog pile at the end, like the “cherry on top” – a heavy one! I was feeling sorry for the guys, thinking that they couldn’t do it and absolutely secure that I wouldn’t go for it. Once the three of them went through the circuit and it was my turn, I just jumped into it without thinking.  I’m not sure why.  My body went before my mind got in the way and once I started, my disbelief transformed…

3 – Anticipate the Pleasure of Being Amazing:

…into the anticipation and excitement of doing something AMAZING!  Once I started, I had to complete it. A little bit more effort and I would have generated the most amazing amount of strength that I had to date. I felt so excited, determined and focused – nothing could stop me. I had originally said that I would do the steps with Charles 157lb, but once the moment came I felt extreme pleasure in daring the Universe and I stared at Jonathan saying I am going to lift you – 168lb. I’m going for the Gold. I want to taste the maximum amount of achievement available at this moment in time! I want to make it EPIC! And I did it!

Now I can’t wait for the next level. I have no idea of what Nhan will come up with, but I’m extremely excited about it!

Victoria Vives Martial Arts - Flying Kick 1 Victoria Vives Martial Arts - Side Kick1

Another crazy idea I dared to perform – Flying kicks in high heels!


Now you know how I made it happen and it’s your turn to be EPIC!  So remember, my advice for you to achieve Superhuman Strength is to gradually increase the difficulty and amazingness of what you are capable of doing, so it naturally builds up not only in your muscles but in your mind and in your belief, and make sure that you:

1 Play Like a Kid or a Wild Animal

2 Leverage Your Efforts by Using the Power of a Team

3 Anticipate the Pleasure of Being AMAZING

I am committed not only to achieve Superhuman Abilities and Fulfillment, but also to make available as many powerful sources of inspiration and empowerment as I can, so you have the proper support to achieve the maximum potential and happiness in life!

I am always open to suggestions regarding new and better ways to make How 2B a Superhero the best Superhero tool that you ever had!

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To Your Superpowers!!!!!  Victoria Vives

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