I am thrilled and honored to present to you the 1 YR ONENESS HEALER APPRENTICESHIP.

This transformative and unique program is the culmination of over fifteen years in which I scoured the globe to find the heart of healing, studying with over 20 masters across continents and learning from dramatic personal life experiences that occurred during my spiritual awakening.

In this comprehensive program you will:

  • Learn the three most powerful and time-tested systems of REIKI
  • Connect with the roots of spiritual healing as practiced worldwide by our Ancestors in Shamansim, the oldest spiritual practice known to humankind
  • Integrate over nine healing modalities to make your healing practice exponentially more effective
  • Perform deep self-healing work by utilizing the powerful 12 Masters method to clear all layers and major energetic centers in your system
  • Become a clear and open channel with a wealth of hands-on experience and knowledge to better help others heal
  • Build a strong partnership with healing tools including Healing Crystals, Essential Oils and Sound Healing Instruments
  • Enter a profound mentorship with Victoria, and with your personal loving team of Spirit Guides to bring forth your most life-changing healing work
  • Start a career that will transform your life for the better and contribute to the world at large
  • Become part of worldwide renowned healing lineages
  • Build credibility by receiving nine unique healer certifications
  • Maximize your Psychic ability to incorporate valuable intuitive healing skills into your practice
  • Join a loving and supportive community of kindred spirits and Healers
  • Know how to successfully start your own Healing Practice
  • Incorporate specialized physical training methods to maximize your potential to become a powerful Healer
  • Develop strong integrity, self-confidence, and healthy boundaries to better help others
  • Save an extra $264 on already discounted prices by taking advantage of the special SAVINGS EVENT when signing up before January

Enrollment is open for the January 2015 group! Enjoy the best prices by signing up now and take advantage of the SPECIAL SAVINGS EVENT, use the savings code JAN015 before January 1st to save and extra $264. LIMITED SPACE.

To learn more and embark on this wonderful opportunity go to:


Blessings and Love. Victoria

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