Victoria Vives Khuong - Gatito MeowI recently had an increase in my fascination towards the non-physical, channeling and knowing more about beings from other planets.  Because of this, I started my journey as a Reiki practitioner, since Reiki heightens our perception of non-physical.  This is the new realm I want to explore in my Superhero expansion!

Reiki is considered a healing practice.  However,  I felt that (and Abraham-Hicks confirmed this) healing can’t exist without sickness, it is the duality, the other part of the coin so that each of them make sense.  So accepting the idea of healing is also accepting the idea of something not wanted in the first place.

For that reason I am going to focus on learning Reiki just to allow more life energy flowing through me, and thus, improving my life and others, rather than because of a “healing” desire.  The intention is always positive, but that slight difference changes the world for me!

What I noticed so far in my new journey has been a great tunning in my general life. I feel myself tapping into a new frequency where things like being more healthy, more positive and more loving, appear just like a natural and desirable action in my life, rather than having to focus consciously on it to make it happen. That synchronicity is what makes life easy. Once you find the right cord to pull from, meaning that you find your true desire at the moment, follow it with integrity and the rest will come into place… automatically!

Other things I wish to learn in this new journey are:

– Tai Chi

– Qigong

– Lucid Dreaming

– Communicate with animals (I could get to talk with my beautiful kitten, Gatito!!!!  Awesome.  Didn’t think of that possibility happen before :) )

Victoria Vives’ REIKI group

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