Healing AttunementIt is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. In this case a picture is worth a life story.

The casual observer might see a ragtag group of neo-hippies singing and dancing outside on a beautiful sunny day but to me, I see a powerful Soul Tribe of dedicated healers with the unified purpose of making themselves and the world a better place.

Truly, there is nothing I can say that would describe the depth of feeling that wells up inside me when I see this picture.

If you know me or have read my book, you know of the inordinate trauma and extreme challenges and circumstances I had to overcome to get here but I made it. I found them. My Soul Tribe – The Earth Angel Collective.

Each and every one of these amazing individuals (and those who didn’t make it into the picture) have a similarly powerful story that deeply moved me and that brought them to this place on this day and here we are together; one “silly” moment captured on camera from a legendary saga.

This picture symbolizes the end of one journey, the journey travelled alone, and the beginning of the next, the journey travelled together. WE DID IT! AHO’, ASHE’, THOKOZA!!! May we walk in Beauty for years and decades to come!

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