YES! Perfect weather for our adventure in the wild this Saturday!!! I love bringing people on this incredible one day hike so that you can:

💥  Reconnect *DEEPLY* with nature and the plants around you as our Ancestors did
💥  Learn plant identification and its application as herbal remedies to uplift your health and overall experience of life on a daily basis… for FREE!
💥  Rediscover HIKING with this easy and enjoyable trail of magnificent beauty and healing
💥  Connect with a one-of-a-kind heart-centered community (just this might very well change your life for the better!)

For this city girl, me, I needed to find a way back to my less-city-like roots (I’m of Nigerian descent).

Once I tested the power of the wild and it’s benefits, it turned into a passion helping others do the same, especially now, living in the “screen age”.

AND: For the first time, half price and bring a friend for free plus reattend at $35 to continue deepening your skills! 🤩🤩🤩 LIMITED OFFER & SPACE.

See you in the wild!!!


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