BOOK DAY 11: Living in appreciation… Going to my garden to harvest fresh veggies for lunch, lemons for lemonade in the afternoon, sage for a morning tea, or just walk to smell the jasmine and roses (those in the picture) and marvel at the beauty of birds and butterflies (those in the video), is such a gift from the heavens. Growing up poor in the city, I never imagined that these things were even possible!

Connection with nature, connection with each other… Healing is largely about restoring our sense of being connected and belonging as opposed to isolated and alienated.

As I write this post, I realize also how much the world has changed and I deeply appreciate the opportunity to connect with YOU! Thanks to the amazing advancements in technology, here we are, connected in our global family!!

I look forward to continuing nurturing our connection even more intimately by sharing my upcoming book with you!

I appreciate YOU ❤️


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