Tuesday, 6 am, a bit overwhelmed because of the new born desires I yet hadn’t accomplish.

Well, that’s the game of life and let me tell you, it doesn’t have an end. I got all I wanted in the past and, one way or another, I managed to desire more and more. Some people cut this zest of life to not suffer and be content with the current situation by not wishing for more. That won’t be me.

My current desire is massive wealth to experience massive freedom.  So much wealth that, as Abraham-Hicks said, I can decide to participate in the experiences I want to live disregarding how much their price is.

So I followed their advice and started vibrationally purchasing everything I wished. I revamped my full house in my mind and contributed to other people’s wealth by doing so.  I had lots of people hired at the same time so the process would be faster.  They celebrated receiving all this income!

Victoria Vives Khuong - Wealth

I had gardens done all over my yards, a fountain so birds visit even more, a fence to feel greater privacy, a brand new kitchen style,  I gave away most of my stuff to Goodwill and went shopping for new clothing and complements (that was really fun!).  I emptied my fridge and filled it up with just lots of my favorite gigantic scallops, miso and vegetables to repeatedly eat scallops miso soup for the next few days…  (my husband invented an amazing recipe!).

So I fell sleep.  In my dreams everything was significantly more spacious (as a good Libra, I love having lots of space), close to grandiose.   I had such a feeling of abundance that I bet law of attraction was staring at me with lots of goodies to match me up with, ready to be delivered!

I woke up again at 7am when the phone rang for my mastermind call.  I had that grandiose feeling vibrating in every cell of my body.  I had insights that I put to fruition, noticing the opportunity in front of my face where I couldn’t see it before.  I started the day set in the perfect emotional state to make it a great day.  Feeling happy for no reason.  Full of light, vibrant, ready.

The feeling of abundance stayed with me and appeared in everything I looked at.  I felt my boundaries expanded and I thought my game from a whole new level.  I could see the instant benefit of my morning daydreaming, envision, visualization… whatever you want to call it.  In less than an hour I had generated a new me in this ever-flowing ever-changing reality that is life.  I moved to a new land in my inside, so my outside can only move with me.

I look forward to set my vibration in this new land.  Have it as a stable place for me, so the outside change becomes INEVITABLE.  So others can also feel me from my new point of attraction.

I actually started having results as soon as that same day!  My mother in law brought my favorite gigantic scallops which I had not eat for months, and after a while I realized about the coincidence and I started pulling from the pocket of my granted wish and milking it by thinking about it, appreciating it, sharing it!

Then my husband asked me “Are you going to eat that rice, because I could make a soup.”  That was when I started smiling like crazy and he was wondering why.  I said “A miso soup!”.  He answered “What else do you want in the soup?”.  “Like you used to do it, with vegetables and buckwheat!” I said.  Then he said “No, I’m pretty sure there is no buckwheat…  You see there is no buckwheat” he said while looking into the kitchen cabinets.

I was so happy anyway saying to myself, it wasn’t possible that we won’t have buckwheat.  The Universe rearrange itself to please our wishes, so I said “THERE HAS TO BE BUCKWHEET.  I know there is”.  He continued looking and said “Well what do you know?  There’s some buckwheat!”.  I started jumping around and screaming since my connection with all there is was so intense, telling me to KNOW that of course there had to be buckwheat.  I knew it firmly disregarding what my husband was saying.  He was puzzled about me jumping around and asked “Are you tweeting about it?”   Hahaha!  This things make me so happy!!!!  Yippie!!!!

So to continue my abundance journey, I’m going to add a new item to my site.  It is related to the abundance of one of the things I love the most… COOKIES!!!!!!  Here it goes, right below (isn’t it cute… I wanna eat it!  Hee hee…).

Victoria Vives

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