Get comfortable in a space where you feel safe, so that you can allow your astral body to go beyond your physical body. When you come back, you can comment here to share what you saw!!

Also, do you see any special lights in the video? Some of my past videos had a special effect such a Chakra glow to help you visualize. In this video I left the footage raw, so that you can see how the light changes. Is this because of the sound and the intention. Perhaps is just an optical effect? Perhaps is light and love? I am not sure, but if you see something, please comment to let me know.

Trivia:  I often change the decoration of this room for the videos and make myself outfits with scarfs.  This time I didn’t have a scarf of this color, so the top you see me wearing is… a curtain!!!  Hee hee hee…

LOVE YOU!!  Victoria


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