Victoria Vives at Awaken Your Alpha ~ Embrace Your Sexuality!Honored to be interviewed by the one and only Adam Lewis Walker for his show “Awaken Your Alpha”!

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Selected Show notes:

This episode is about embracing your sexuality!

Victoria is a champion of truth and consciousness. Raised in the ghettos of Spain, as a multi-ethnic child, by a single mother, Victoria grew from her experiences with poverty, racism, sexual harassment, congenital problems and social stigma only to achieve high level of health as well as success in the entertainment industry.

Podcast by the Numbers:

2 MINS – Spanish Origins

4 MINS – 14 years before seeing like her

8 MINS – Drowning in the ocean

12 MINS – Martial Arts, Movies and Moving to USA

17 MINS – Being involved in the Olympics

25 MINS – What is Divine Sexuality?



“Everything is possible, practice resiliency”


Awaken Your Alpha – Adam Lewis Walker

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