Photo by Alan Mercer. Graphic Art by Victoria Vives.Victoria Vives Khuong - Art World

Be bold.   Be and express who you really are. We need the real you, the original unique you, the perfect piece to complete the puzzle, in order to be part of the one light, one love, one energy.  There is no need for things to be hard if we are one, if we are together.

Calling all “missing” or “distorted” pieces. You are not alone.  You don’t need to adapt.  It’s time to be YOU! And you know what?  Better for people to know us and not like us rather than like us because they don’t really know us.

Three things about the “lesser known” me.  Things I love and rarely share:

–  I believe there is intelligent life on other planets and that we will have more and more opportunities for interaction

–  Once, years ago, the sun literally came through the window in humanoid form and touched my feet

–  I chose to come back to life after a near death experience

Do you want to leave a comment sharing three things about the real you…?  I would love that!

My unconditional love to the real you!   Victoria

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