Any morning that I wake up clearly feeling my heartbeat, I know that a day of wonders has just started. Everything around gets colored by a different light that makes life have more sense. I feel more integrated with others as well.

I wasn’t able to feel my heartbeat before (without taking my pulse) which is not uncommon, but that has changed and it’s a wonderful feeling. If you aren’t able to feel your heartbeat without taking your pulse, know that anyone can learn and I’ll share a powerful technique to develop the sensitivity.

We are conditioned and trained from childhood to listen to our outside. We are trained to seek everyone’s opinions on what we should do or who we should be, choking off our direct connection to life, our source of inner wisdom. This inner wisdom knows our unique personal path to our desires and guides us at all times, giving us up-to-date information about the next best step towards our greater fulfillment. If we would only listen… and follow.


Sometimes we think “they” have the truth, but as you already know, everyone’s truth is subjective and another person’s truth might not work the same for you or me, in fact, it rarely does.

Sometimes we want to please others or be accepted. The catch-22 is that we will only give our best to them when we acknowledge our true call and desire first. When we act from that level where we are our true self, inspiring others to connect at that level too by keeping our vibration stable in this frequency, we become more than accepted – we become charismatic!

At that level of the heart, we are all one, interconnected in a vibrational non-physical matrix formed by the signal that each of our hearts emit. In this realm things become magical. Synchronicity is the norm.

To move more and more towards this way of living, I started giving more attention to my heart and making decisions based on how I felt about things rather than what I was logically supposed to do.

Following your truth will turn you into a more authentic and magnetic person, not only for others but also for the situations and experiences that you want in your life. You will attract them, because you will match their frequency too.


You might wonder why you were not the one to get the job, pass the audition, get the girl (or the guy). You did everything right, but it didn’t work. This is BECAUSE OF YOUR SIGNAL.

Like a radio channel, every time your heart beats you are sending out information about who you are, what you want, how people should treat you. Others will always perceive this, your signal, and answer to it. They can feel it before they even see you. In fact, they might filter you out (you are transparent to them) because of this signal or you might shine for them because of this signal. You either are in the same frequency or not. The rest of the information you provide to them: your words, movements, looks… are always secondary and colored by this perfect actualized-at-every-second description of you, your vibration.

Have you thought of the signal you are sending? Are you aware of this essential information you are sharing 24/7? How clear is your signal? Is it obscured by conditioning or fear?

When acting from your heart, from a place of connection, you will find not only the correct words and actions for each situation, but also the ones that truly resonate in the hearts of others. You will effectively speak in a universal language. Others will be able to recognize this language’s elemental truth. You will feel calm, confident and open, which is not only an accomplishment in itself, but also, a powerful catalyst for the results you want.


I, everyday, focus on clearing this, my signal.  I focus my attention on becoming more and more REAL.  I want to dare you to, from now on, join me in this journey, be true to yourself, be transparent as much as it is possible for you to be. Let’s together create a world where communication more clear, things more simple, where are heart and our words are one.  We can do it!

As promised, here is the powerful technique for you to become more aware of your heart and inner voice

–  Victoria Vives

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