The Big Bang – Time starts. There is a big explosion and the expansion of all that there is continues its growth even now as you read. A line of eternity that we enjoy living, one dot at a time, one layer at a time, one moment at a time, thanks to the time-space construct we, humans, live in.

What is at the end of that line of eternal expansion? More expansion, obviously, but… what else…? WE, humanity, being the explorers of new combinations of possibilities, deciding how the universe will expand, being the adventurous and brave scouts of the new experience to be born, advancing in unknown darkness and bringing light to it, so that all that there is can shine even further, so eternity can be richer, more diverse.

We don’t believe in being the poor sinners anymore. We have a mission, and even though we kind of forgot, we are doing excellently! We proudly serve eternity.

After years of darkness we have the opportunity for great light. The opportunity to enjoy all that we are as part of all that there is. Not separated anymore, but unified.

Your higher self, eternal aspect, part of God in you is always connected to you in that line of eternity. Open your gates to it and everything is possible. Superheroes will become the new human. Miracles and beautiful fairy tale magic will be the norm.

Meditate, go to nature, do what makes you happy and whole, whatever works for you, but make sure to acknowledge that you are far more than your physical aspect, that you and I are not separated in the biggest aspect of each of us, that there is a way to live that is arriving and will heal any suffering or limitation and it is available to you, right now, right here.

Raise your consciousness so your vibration reaches deeper knowing and you can not only live here in your physical reality, but also be extremely aware of your non-physical aspect. Be your whole you. Channel your higher self, breathe it in fully, while being absolutely aware of your physical choices and being.

A New World has been born. A world of superheroes. Be who you truly are whether you think we want it or not. How would a body work if all the parts were hearts or lungs? We need YOU to be complete. Follow your passion, discover your essence, your prototype… and teach us who you really are!

Thank you to Stephen Hawking, Bashar, Abraham-Hicks, and all the philosophers and imaginative artists that bring the real “fantasy world” to us through their creation.

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