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.  *** Video Transcription ***

Hi beautiful friend! How are you today? Oh my goodness! I have something to share with you and I have been wanting to do this for months, almost years and it’s my podcast! So I’m creating the Divine Sexuality podcast and it’s going to be launching very, very soon.  So this is the intro so that I can share with you about it what is this about.  (laugh).  If you didn’t subscribe yet please click the button, click the bell so that you can receive all the notifications.

I’ve had the honor of helping thousands of women around the world improving their lives achieving greater fulfillment through energy healing and time and again we found out that the modality that brought the greatest results was Divine Sexuality because it works with the part of us that is our foundation of being women and that means that we have a better relationship with our bodies, a better relationship with intimacy, a better relationship with our partners and that creates a new foundation so that we can alleviate all of our lives.

So why am I sharing this with you now?

Well, I have experienced first-hand been this connected from my Divine Feminine force and this was so depleting in itself.  What I noticed is that day after day I just wanted to make sure that I can be out there in the world, working in my career and making a name on anywhere for myself and at the end of the day being with my husband wanting to build our relationship an intimacy I just didn’t have the bandwidth.  It was just so hard for me to stay connected and present in our relationship.  Not only that, I also felt that all the conditioning growing up had taught me that sexuality was actually just for procreation.  Can you believe that?  Oh my goodness!  So that also have a place in my mind every time that I wanted to get intimate with my beloved and then by tapping into being a healing teacher I felt that because of reconnecting with that aspect of spirituality that it brought some memories from my childhood as you know, for example going to church and just learning that sexuality is a sin and it was just hard for me to really be intimate with my partner.  I realized that because of that, my relationship with him started really being damaged and my relationship with my body is started being damaged.

All of this resulted into maybe in for 2 years with chronic pain so I had pain every single day and I didn’t know how to heal myself even though I was healing others, I was teaching energy healing.  But I was so disconnected from my own body, from my femininity, from my sexuality that it was such a pain, it was really, really hurting my heart.  So after years of searching I finally started studying how I can heal my connection with sexuality, how can make peace with that aspect of myself that is so important because it’s at the core of who we are as women and through that process of healing, I discovered how to reconnect and tap into what I call the Ecstatic Experience.

When we are going from that depletion state because we are squeezing our energy out to create things in our careers, and we instead renourish ourselves, become the nurturers once again not only for others but for ourselves and then we become these blooming women, we start truly transforming how we see our bodies, how we appreciate our relationship with our partners, our relationship with our sexuality and thanks to that, transforming into a completely different life and all of this permeates into our careers, they start flourishing in a way that is more a, flowing with that creative force.  So because of that I started sharing this information with my students that came for learning healing and as I share this with them I have…  people from all ages, women that were in their 20’s, 30’s and up to their 60’s and what we found out is that they have different problems but they were all around the different cycles of being a woman, before menstruation; during menstruation; after menstruation we all felt that in some way we felt inadequate, we felt insecure, we felt out of balance with ourselves and others.  Some of the more mature women might have felt that they were not able to truly connect with their beauty, their sexuality, their partners, and they felt a little bit out of alignment with our group like…  almost like if when we are older we lose some of our femininity and that’s totally not true.

So this is more of the ideas that we have gathered over the years the conditioning.  So by working with Divine Sexuality we really alleviates sexuality and femininity and we are able to discover new aspects, new blessings of being a woman at all ages.  This woman was able to truly embrace her goddess energy, her beauty and understand that she has so much value that sometimes maybe younger women could look up to her because she has this wisdom and this experience over the years.  So other women also felt maybe that they weren’t beautiful enough because we have all this…  once again conditioning, so there are these stereotypes so we have to look like this, look like that.  So all these things start damaging who we are as women and we need to come together.  This is almost like a mission for me to truly understand that we are together in this.  It’s not like I suffer this and there are no other women suffering it, instead it’s like we are all going through the same and sometimes we don’t have a safe space where we can talk about this and share with each other.

So because of this, my purpose with this podcast is to have this conversation with you.  Let’s create this partnership, this sisterhood, this relationship so that together we can, not only bring more fulfillment to our lives, but also bring this to generations to come, the women that will come after us and for years and years and years, I didn’t want to know anything about my Divine Feminine.  I felt it made me weak so I squashed it down, I didn’t want to know anything about it.  I became a tomboy, I started going with the guys and tried to learn from them, how I can be more masculine, more powerful, I don’t need any help and over the years I just felt more pain and more pain inside, and I didn’t want to ask for help.  I didn’t want to have anything to do with the feminine.  To put you an example, this is a funny thing; I was working in a television and I had one container for tampons and it was black and I Iost it and a friend told me “Oh don’t worry, they give one for free” and I was like, “Yes! But it’s pink” (laugh).  I just want to be a strong and masculine and I have all that power and I didn’t realized that I was losing part of myself.

I was losing the power and the force of the Divine Feminine that can bring things into fruition in a way that is not pushing but allowing and when I started softening a little bit and allowing and understanding that I need a support, that I needed a group of women around me that I could have that friendship with women not just with men and that it was okay to be vulnerable, things have started to change, I started understanding better how to have deep relationships and intimacy not just with my partner but also with other women.  I also reconnected with a part of myself that keeps me full of vitality and with that effervescence so that I can enjoy life fully.

So there are so many facets when it comes to be a woman and I have been working with other women and I realized we all are going through the same.  We are all going through the same aspects and we can heal it together.

So this will be the aspects that we will explore through this Divine Sexuality podcast and if you are like me, it’s like show me this right now, like I cannot wait to the next episode.  So if you are like me (laugh) I have created a couple of resources that you can access right now.  One of them is an eBook so that you can go from the Shut-Off State into the blooming and Ecstatic Woman experience.  That is in my website and also we have a Facebook group (laugh)… So in this Facebook group we can get together.  You can work with me more closely so that we also have the inspiration from each other but also you can ask me questions so that then I answer them in the podcast.  You can go to

I believe it is by healing trauma that we can achieve ecstasy, profound intimacy in relationships and out of this world multi-orgasmic sex.

I’m so thrilled to connect with you and continue the conversation.

Have a beautiful day.  I love you.


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