Victoria Vives BIO

“Victoria is a champion of truth and consciousness. Her diverse and colorful history gives her a unique perspective and keen ability to connect with people from all walks of life and also pierce the confounding veils of ambiguity and misdirection that are so frequently employed by the powers that be.

Raised in the ghettos of Spain, as a multi-ethnic child, by a single mother, Victoria grew from her experiences with poverty, racism, sexual harassment, congenital problems and social stigma only to achieve high level of health as well as success in the entertainment industry. In the midst of a series of severe life trials culminating in a near death experience, a spontaneous kundalini awakening, and involvement with occult societies while exploring metaphysics, healing and martial arts, she left her old life in Spain to forge a new one in the United States. With minimal English speaking skills, no money, and no family to help her, Victoria hustled her way off the streets of Hollywood with brute determination. Through a series of profound learning experiences she discovered her true calling as a herald of truth.

Victoria now focuses her energies on sovereignty, disclosure, exopolitics, and truth through her radio show EarthSky People Radio. She composes transcendental music, is an author and is co-founder of the EarthSky People movement, catalyzing change and providing resources for a new social paradigm centered on regenerative living skills. Victoria has also rediscovered the “missing link” in truth seeking via ancestral wisdom and the art of direct revelation through shamanic practices in the Zulu and Cross Cultural lineages as well as a connection with her Star Families and their invitation to partake in an Intergalactic society.”


I’m the daughter of three Mothers, Tres Aguas me llaman…

It is not poetic intent but raw truth and destiny,
that I was meant to emerge from the ghettos
as a warrioress of truth, caretaker of the Mother, Gaia
protector of all life with the ferocious love in my heart.

I faught in battle through darkness, banishing any and all illusion.
The Goddess of Ten Thousand Names
got me thoroughly drunk with the unnamable ungraspable forces of the feminine,
that labyrinth of mystery engraved in each woman’s womb.

I crossed the seas to reach the land of Angels and forge a new life
I hustled my way off the streets of Hollywood with brute determination
to discover my true calling as a herald of truth.

But it wasn’t always this clear
I was once consumed by the veils of the matrix
by the industries of entertainment, often not based on Art but in greed…
and so I despised the use of my talents and I wished not to exist.

The Water Spirits, the peacemakers, came on my rescue
keeping a piece of my soul as I survived drowning in the salted waters of the sea
They soothed my fury, allowing the inner serpent to rose at the center of my beingness
Breaking me open in a Kundalini awakening
tearing my world apart without mercy
taking away each cloud that shut my inner light
in the process of merging human and divine within my own vessel.

Martial Arts came to my path to channel the forces of my indomitable spirit,
so that they could now serve all of life through me.

Now, I AM the wife of my beloved husband for over a decade
I AM an Author, Artist and Teacher in North America and overseas
blending ancestral wisdom and the art of direct revelation
through the Zulu and Inter-Tribal lineages of Shamanism
while connecting with our Star Families to partake in an Intergalactic society
and enveloping all in the love of the Divine Mother Goddess.

I inspire women to restore their role as the nurturers
I train priestesses to spread this roaring unstopable revolution
like warrioress on a mission
nourishing ourselves, our households and our communities
bringing back ecstatic healing energies to our world
revealing Earth as the beautiful paradise is meant to be.

Ferociously passionately,

Mª Victoria Vives Vila Khuong