Victoria Vives - Business Success for HealersBOOK DAY 228: Wow, one of the amazing things I have learned in my journey is how to start a business and, you know, when that business is about helping others as a Healer, well, it can be DOUBLY challenging.

👉 Most Healers are heart-centered and don’t know how to charge for services
👉 Some people think healing should be free which makes difficult to leave a 9 to 5 to devote one’s path to healing
👉 You need to find the right kind of client committed to their healing to make the best of both your times

So, if you are a Healer wanting to help more people but don’t exactly know how, I am beyond excited to share my experience, lessons and advice with you. 🙌

It is with great joy that I introduce you to my Business SUCCESS for Healers online program! ✨

Here is how this program can help you:
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✨Lifetime access to our community and recorded training
✨Transform any resistance of success into excitement!
✨This is the only time I’ll do this LIVE

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