Gatito Meow will be 12 soon. Today, for the first time in his life, we had to take him to the vet and we were so preoccupied. He normally growls to everyone other than my husband and I so we were very concerned that he would be all stressed out.

What a surprise when we met Dr Yang and his team at Vine Animal Clinic! He and his team were so caring that we felt instantly that everything would be ok with Gatito.

Dr. Yang seemed to communicate with the cat, like a cat whisperer, I kid you not. We were astonished of how relaxed Gatito was and had never seen something like this. We now feel finally safe going to the vet with our kitty!

Gatito is feeling better already and we hope he will fully recover in a few days. Vine Animal Clinic #vineanimalclinic

Here are some pictures of Gatito when he was 1 and now.

Cat Whisperer

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