Dear Friends, I am thrilled to gift you with this FREE CHAKRA MEDITATION video.

We have put great love in creating this video together, bringing you this meditation with visualizations and Sound Healing that you can use daily to tune up your energy and enjoy greater levels of harmony, clarity, relaxation and awareness, aiding you in your journey to Ascension.

Feel free to share, embed, like and comment. We appreciate it and we appreciate YOU!Chakra Meditation

Wishing you enjoy it!!! I LOVE YOU <3  Victoria


CONTRIBUTIONS: All this work is self-funded. If you would like to contribute to new Music and Videos your help is greatly appreciated!  You can also contribute by downloading the track below.  THANK YOU!!

Chakra Meditation

“Chakra Balancing Meditation (With Bija Mantras).  In Chakra Balancing Meditation with Bija Mantras, Victoria Vives offers her breathtaking vocals, going through the Bija Mantras of Lam, Vam, Ram, Yam, Ham, Aum and Om, taking you on a journey from the earth to the stars above.”

Listen to the preview and download at

P.S.” Thanks to for the creative commons chakra images!

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