What life story are you choosing today? Like going to the closet and choosing the day’s outfit, this morning, my husband and I decided we wanted to learn this move. Here is our second attempt! Lots to polish but happy with the learning! YAYY!

When we started acroyoga last month, we didn’t realize how much believing in oneself, as well as building trust and rapport with each other, played an essential part in every area of one’s life, including acroyoga.

Coming from a background where trust and self-love were nowhere to be found, a background where I was told I had congenital spine problems and would have to forget about any exercise, plus the many more limitations I heard over the years, it makes me feel so grateful to know that it is up to each of us to turn things around and celebrate life anew, creating a new and beautiful life story.

So my question remains, what life story are you choosing today? I would love to hear about it in the comments so that I can support your vision!

PS: Thanks to Nhan-Esteban Khuong, always allowing me to post about our life, my IG husband!

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