It is interesting how some of the coolest stuff that I have found in my research (better said, in my finding*) has been come out of moments when I was feeling down. I wanted to find confirmation about what I believed we are capable of and further my understanding about life and existence. This was the case yesterday. The down lasted about ten minutes. The result… knowledge that will be a part of me for the rest of my life!

Cory Herter, also known as Core Love (L.O.V.E. Laws Of Vibrational Energy)

In yesterday’s case, I found out about a man who had three hundred near death experiences and spent more than a thousand hours on the “other side”.

Cory Herter, had a car accident when he was ten which brought his first near death experience. As a result, he lost the memory of his first ten years, “clearing” any unresolved childhood issues. He started living fully in the now. Right after that, and for five consecutive years, he had three hundred more near death experiences, about one every five days.

In the video below to the left, he shares great wisdom with the humor of a kid. He speaks about our human bodies having installed Superhero powers ready to be tapped in. He also talks about the beings that are helping him develop SacredG Technology, the Councils. He shares that there is life on every single planet in our Solar System, although we can’t see it due to our different frequency of vibration.

He also explains some of the things that he experienced on the other side, and actually matches some of the things I believe in regards to the sun, if you read the article I wrote days ago about the sun in humanoid form touching my feet.

Thanks to the abnormal events he experienced and his connection with beings from other dimensions, he was given the ability to create technology to heal his brain and learned about Sacred Geometry, DNA Activation, Life After Death, Energy Healing, and more!

He had lots of free stuff online, videos and tools, as well as free events. For some reason most of the online stuff he had was deleted this month of February 2011. Wishing to have all his sharing back! If you have something from him that you wish to share, I would love that! Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

It is very exciting to discover more and more magic in this world! Live without limits!!!!! YAYYYY!!!!!

Victoria Vives

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(*)Research sounds cool but it literally means to search and search, while finding describes what I want itself, to find.

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