The Medicine of Dance and Song

Ceremonial Arts for Healing


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Calling all Musicians, Dancers, Singers and Healers!

Perform for a Deeper Purpose

When you perform for a greater purpose, your talent can bring you to a path of fulfillment as you have never experienced before.

Become a Channel for Healing

Every time you perform, we are channeling a specific energy or frequency. This can be turned into a tool for healing yourself and others.

Discover Your TRUE SELF Expression

There is nothing like discovering the mystery that lies within us through Performing Arts… What a journey of awakening!

Join Our Tribe!

~ Temple Setting ~

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~ Nature Setting ~

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The Medicine of Dance and Song

(Ceremonial Arts for Healing)

Whether you are a Singer, a Dancer, a Musician, a Healer or just want to explore the medicine of Performing Arts, this class is for you!

Learn how to bring healing to yourself and others through ceremonial performance.

I have worked professionally and internationally in USA, Mexico, Spain, Belgium, India, Argentina, Peru… in television and touring as a performer, director/producer, choreographer and songwriter for over 20 years in the Olympic Games and with Robbie Williams, Dianna Ross, Enrique Iglesias, The Platters, Celia Cruz, Spice Girls and many others. After leaving Hollywood with the desire to dedicate my life to help others, I felt a powerful fire within wanting to use Art for Healing.

I am finally merging my 2 passions, Healing and Performing Arts, in a desire of creating a tribe that offers
the ultimate healing force to the world CEREMONIAL ARTS FOR HEALING.

This will include but will not be limited to:

  • Archetypal Dance and Medicine Songs
  • Sonic Light Flow Grid by Victoria Vives
  • Shamanic Fusion Dance by Anandha Ray
  • Transfiguration by Sandra Ingerman
  • Sound Healing Circles
  • Bring flow arts/fire spinning tools (Nature classes only)

  • Attend classes in Pasadena (in Nature), or in West Covina (in our Temple), or both!
  • Opportunities to perform live becoming part of our Ceremonial Arts for Healing tribe
  • Have recorded materials of your craft for demo purposes.

  • Channeling and Jamming
  • Ethnic Dance from around the world
  • Nature Expression (Nature classes only)
  • Bring Belly Dance veils and tools
  • Bring your instruments
  • Much more!


Los Angeles County, CA.  The classes will be held in a sacred peaceful space in West Covina near the Pasadena and Downtown LA areas.  Occasionally, we will meet at a location in nature.


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Receive Class Updates, Announcements, and Special Offers!


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