Sharing Some Exciting News!I recently shared some exciting news…

After having the tremendous opportunity to work with thousands of women around the world, through energy healing and spirituality, I saw a clear and very surprising pattern emerging. At the core of most, if not all, women’s wellbeing and fulfillment was an aspect of their sexuality and what means to be a woman.

This is, of course, far more complex and nuanced than simply sexual desire and orientation and our relationship with our bodies. Sexuality is an intricate thread that both forms and binds an immensely complex interplay of forces that culminate in the experience of being a woman and the level of fulfillment and self-actualization that is achieved. It is this exquisitely sophisticated phenomenon that I call Divine Sexuality.

Healing, understanding, and strengthening our sexuality propels us in ways that are so powerful and far-reaching that it can be difficult to imagine without experiencing it and yet, we are often aware when we are not living in our power, when we feel a kind of dull ache, emptiness, or even numbness that is difficult to pinpoint.

No matter our age, by developing a better relationship with our bodies and our sexuality, we improve our intimacy, our happiness, and our relationship with our partners. We can even feel more energized and confident in our careers or building our businesses!

So I decided to start a conversation with you about sexuality through my Divine Sexuality podcast which will be launched very very soon.

I am super excited to share this with you and, until the podcast is out, you can check my new Divine Sexuality eBook so that you can start taking the steps to become an Ecstatic Woman:

Author: Victoria Vives

Victoria Vives Khuong is the International bestselling Author of “In a Matter of Seconds”, healing and shamanism teacher, spiritual leader, and host of the Divine Sexuality podcast.

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