This is for the LADIES… Are you seeking balance between personal power, success, love, intimacy, and life fulfillment? I was too. And my journey hasn’t been easy, but it’s been incredible. That’s why I’m so passionate about teaching other women to transform their lives in this way.

Divine Sexuality Sisterhood

Over the years, I have overcome poverty, discrimination, and sexual abuse and succeeded as a dancer and hostess in prime time television as my full time job. I even survived a near death experience, moved to Hollywood, married, and eventually embraced a career path in healing and spirituality.

Despite my professional accomplishments, the personal trials I overcame, and the endless traumas and emotional wounds I had healed within myself, something was amiss and the lack of intimacy in my marriage, plagued with endless challenges, reflected that.

Through transformational work, I released my shame and guilt and learned to truly love my body and embrace my inner passion. I learned to nurture and honor the feminine force within while maintaining a balance with the power of my masculine side. Most importantly, I discovered the secrets to developing a deep and authentic connection with my beloved, complete with out-of-this-world intimacy!

So what if I told you I had the answer to achieving that balance between personal power, success, love, intimacy, and life fulfillment? Because I do!

The Divine Sexuality Sisterhood is the pathway for women to achieve this balance. It allows you to experience a wholesome romantic relationship, a thriving fulfilling business, longevity, vitality, youthfulness, and out of this world passion by starting with profound healing of the self and embodiment of the feminine!

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