“Sometimes I believe 6 impossible things before breakfast” – Alice In Wonderland

From time to time, I decide to do something EPIC before going to class.  Something that cheers me up, puts others in “OH” and excitement, something that I can celebrate for the rest of the day and makes me feel that I accomplished a day of success by 9 am!

This week it was hiking… a special hiking, I must say!  I was actually carrying my hiking partners.  We all took turns.  Being the girl (lighter and smaller and carrying heavier and larger) made it even more exciting, more impressive, more epic!

So I dare you.  Do something EPIC this week, or even tomorrow morning!  Before breakfast, before school or work!  Just go for it and do it!  Nothing too crazy just a small step that takes you to the next level.  Secure but challenging.

You can choose different levels for your epic endeavor:

Pretty Amazing:  do  something that you never did before.  Something that you know that is going to take you out of your comfort zone in great excitement!

Tremendous:  do something that none of your friends, family or other people in your life have ever done.  Make sure that you are still going out of your comfort zone in excitement.

Massively EPIC:  do something that you’ve never seen any real person do before!  Not even in Television, YouTube videos… nada!  Well, I must say that I’m talking about real life people, not movie superheroes or other amazing movie characters!  And of course, you want to secure that you will be out of your comfort zone in positive excitement!

THANK YOU in advance for commenting and sharing your new experiences and achievements!!!!!  Much Love, Victoria.

Victoria Vives Khuong - Epic

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