For most of my life, I felt that there was something missing beyond the accomplishments (prime time television, bestseller book, marrying the love of my life…), yet it felt like putting things in a bottomless well I could never fill. I knew there was something greater.

In the same way, there were terrible trials that sometimes made me not to want to be alive, but today, my soul feels that all the hard work from years past had a purpose.

It finally gave fruit.

A fruit that is here to stay.

A fruit that fulfills me and others at so many levels that I never thought was possible.

I’m finally ready to openly share that yes, today, the Earth Angel Collective ~ SOUL TRIBE has been born with our CORE Founding Members for a Lifetime of Healing together to be a beacon of light calling in other Earth Angels to become a powerful Tribe of Healers for transformation in the world.

I have no words to express my joy and the feeling that I have finally arrived at a place where my soul family truly is, and will be. What we can do together, we could not do on our own, so for this union, I AM BEYOND GRATEFUL! This is the day that we start elevating the world together.

Thank you to each of you! I LOVE YOU!!! ✨💙✨