In this new Earth Sky People Radio and Earth Sky People TV episode, I will have the honor to share with you more about New Earth Nation!  In this occasion, in a theme that has been greatly present in my life: Entertainment!  More specifically,  Music and Theater.  Misha Whirlwind and Gina Citoli are the directors of New Earth Music and New Earth Theater respectively and  they will be sharing their powerful vision regarding what entertainment can truly be and how it can transform the world!

New Earth Music:  A planetary movement towards creative expression in harmony with all life on earth.  “One Earth, One Vibration”.  Conceptualiser & Director: Misha Whirlwind.

New Earth Theater:  A stage for performances that inspire the highest expression of self and an elevated vision for planet earth.  Director: Gina Citoli

New Earth Music and Theater

new-earth-music-video new-earth-music

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