Questions such as this one, might be out of reach for what our minds can logically grasp, but what if such beings, the ones who created the Solar system, were dedicated to helping us make the best out of our lives.  What if they were looking for ways to introduce themselves to us through unexpected windows?  Two things to consider:
    • If they created the Solar System they would, better than anyone, know the secrets of life within it


  • They could share these secrets with us, after all, our success would be their success, since they envisioned and created this place for us

So even if we are just but a small part of all that exits in the immensity of the Solar System, would you agree that if such beings existed, they would be there for us?

Victoria Vives Khuong - Solar System
Due to copyright, I thought I would create my own solar system image with extra planets ^_^

Two weeks ago I found out about Eloheim, channeled by Veronica.

Channeling is the process of creating a connection or tuning into the channel of a non-physical entity.  It is said that when artists used to hear the voice of the muse, they were channeling.

Far are the days when I didn’t believe in these things or didn’t trust them. Having had interesting channeling experiences myself, more in the movement realm, and having created such amazing things in my life, close to Science Fiction, I am now very open to believing in the magic that mostly everything is possible.  In fact, let’s just take off the word ‘mostly’ from that last sentence – Everything is possible!

So when something as interesting as Eloheim is in front of me, my way of deciding whether it is a trustworthy source or not, is to listen to what it is shared and consider if it is a life changing knowledge that I never heard or read in such clarity after my ten years studying life from many different perspectives.

Once I am amazed by what they share, I am close to certain that they are who they claim to be, in this case, Eloheim: beings of Love and Light, who were given the task by God to create this Solar System so that we could come to Earth to grow as Souls.  OMG!  Isn’t that beautiful?  It sounds like out of a fairy tale.  It makes me daydream!

Long ago I was studying Metaphysics.  This word means beyond physical.  metaphysics has been one of the most powerful things that helped me learn how we can create our optimal life experience.  It acknowledges how what we don’t see (non-physical, thoughts, emotions)  is more powerful than what we see (physical).

Back in Spain I used to channel the Green Ray  in a Metaphysics group.  We were offering our time to channel the 7 Rays for enhancing the  health and lives of others.  Not channeling in the way of speaking as Veronica amazingly does, but just with our hands directing the energy towards the person.  There are stories about The Seven Elohim (like Eloheim but without the e), so I suddenly thought those might be related.  I researched about it and the Seven Elohims are part of Metaphysics, each one of them for each one of the Rays!  So I asked Veronica about it.  She mentioned that the Eloheim say that they shouldn’t be assumed to be any other being named Eloheim or Elohim but that the members of the Council (who she also channels) resonate to the different seven chakras!  Fascinating!

Veronica Torres and one of the Eloheim quotations to take you from Victim to Victor
There is an opportunity in any crisis!


I decided to have a private session with Eloheim last week and it was… LIFE CHANGING.  The guidance they offered me in just one session could be good enough to have a totally new life experience.  They advise to work on your core emotion in the first session.  The core emotion is like the theme of your life, and this really helps with understanding most of the questions about life you might have.  IMPRESSIVE!  I am applying everything they shared with me and I am living life from a totally different level.

Enjoy Elohim and Veronica’s website and their profound wisdom shared with fun and coloquial videos… wisdom and even Superheroism!

Victoria Vives

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