BOOK DAY 62: Oh my, am I really doing this? Couldn’t help it!

At home, alone, in my kimono, with a… ahem… with a kitchen chopstick in my hair (it was hot, ok? Had to put the hair out of the way), and music came to me.

Music is what helped me come out from a terrible depression to start living again after, what many might call a my psychotic episode (more about this in “In a Matter of Seconds”). I have since come to understand that time as a Kundalini Awakening and Shamanic Initiation. It is a cornerstone event in my life that has ultimately led to sharing my gifts and love with you.

These busy days, I rarely allow the space I need for this big passion of mine, music, to flow through me since manifesting my vision of building a community of healers to bring healing to the world, occupies most of my time.

So today, I want to embrace music but, even more, I embrace sharing it with you, with kimono, chopstick and all, lol! Hope you enjoy it!

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