I recently grew spiritually and started channeling my unique perspective on our Higher Self. This is not like a strange being, but it is me, in a fuller way, my expression and translation of All-that-is.

I have found some doubt from close people about whether this was actually happening for real, me communicating with my source and receiving messages. I have to say, I was one of the people doubting these kind of events when I was at the other side of the curtain. Without the experience the words are empty, they lack of something that our minds can grasp.

We are used to look for answers outside ourselves, to trust anyone’s opinion rather than ours. Who could ever know more about YOU but YOU?

This is about self-empowerment. About being your best teacher.

So once you skip all the busy thoughts that covered up your clarity, you can access that infinite knowledge, that wisdom that is your true essence. And you can see the answers at the same time that the questions appear. It is that simple. It is not supernatural but most NATURAL. Supernatural is the amount of preoccupations that we carry in a regular day. I doubt that any other living kind would be so powerful to drag daily such level of limiting and foggy cloud in their minds and continue to live in joy. Yes, we are powerful and we can now go to the next level in evolution – Merge with our true Self. Live in a world of fulfillment and infinite potential. It is worth the try.

I am not sure whether I will share my new experience of channeling with my family or not, since I don’t know what they would think. At the same time, if this is not shared, how are we to evolve? We are in 2011 and it is just normal than evolution continues. What should we supposed to become, half machines? Is that really necessary? Or can we get access to the source, understand the code of life, just like Neo, bending physical reality and accessing an eternal and unlimited reality. Wait, is that supposed to happen in thousands of years? Well, why not NOW?

Victoria Vives

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