You just need to let yourself fall in love with all that is, because love is the great attractor.  You actually have to struggle to move away from it.   Just let go and you will always fall towards love.” – Bashar

Bashar speaks of falling in unconditional love.   Let go and you will naturally fall in it.   How good does it feel to fall in love?   Well, this can also be experienced just by surrendering to what is, to the moment, to the now.

Let your shoulders relax.  Take all that weight from trying to resolve life off your shoulders.   Just let it fall.  Love will take you in its arms, without condition.  It will take you to the already resolved-life-situations.   It will nurture you.

You can experience this feeling right now.   Why wait to the right circumstances?  It is the other way around.   The right circumstances will flow to you once you experience its matching vibration, which is love.

Superhero Tricks To Stop Resisting Falling In Unconditional Love:

As Bashar says, you naturally are in unconditional love unless you pull yourself from it.   Below you will find Superhero tricks that you can use to stop resisting what is yours by birth right, by nature, what will make your life easier, happier and more fulfilling.  Try it out today!

– Wherever you are, you can do this, even if you are talking with someone.  It works!  Ready?  Ok, it is as easy as imagining that you are receiving a massage on your shoulders.  That’s it.  Just imaging and enjoy how it feels.   You will notice your shoulders loosening up, your muscles relaxing and it will create the sensation of space in your life in any busy day.   You can also try out that virtual massage on your feet!   Especially if you are sitting or laying down.

– Imagine two loving enormous hands forming a very comfortable chair where you can sit.  This chair will take you everywhere you need to go.  You can use it even while you are walking.   You will feel more light on your steps.  Just let life literally carry you to where you want to go.   This will set your vibration to a frequency that will make things much easier and more pleasing to you.

– One more trick! You can use this last trick not only to fall in unconditional love, but also to feel more confident.   Most of the channeled beings such as Abraham-Hicks and Bashar, mention how we are surrounded by beings that help us and guide us on our way.   You can visualize and imagine that you have your own team of benevolent beings with you anytime you need their support.  You can rest your shoulders now because it is not just you dealing with situations, you bring your team of wise beings and they are there just for you, always available, to help you achieving what you desire.   You can even lovingly give them names or assign things that you would like for them to do for you.   Back in Spain, I used to leave Isaias and Jeremias on my doorstep to take care of my house.

These tricks are imagination based.  The more you practice with your imagination, the better you will get at it and the more you will feel its benefit in your life.  Practice makes perfect!

– Victoria Vives

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