I love the US yet I miss Spain. Family culture can be the one thing that makes the difference!

Growing up in Spain, I remember everyone going to la panadería (the bakery) every morning to buy fresh bread. Even my grandmother had a bakery for a while. The fond memories and warmth that this brings to my heart are one of the most nurturing things to my soul which I greatly miss.

Recently, a place I was not familiar with opened nearby… Paris Baguette!!!

My hopes went high thinking they might have fresh crunchy on the outside soft in the inside delicious bread baked every day like in Spain, so we visited on opening day and… they did!!!

Since then, my husband and I have made it our weekend ritual to go get a fresh baguette for breakfast! These are the pictures we took in their opening photo booth! My heart is singing!!!!

Family culture is the culture you create in your heart and bring everywhere you go to share with the people that most matters in your life.

What are some things that you can turn into your family culture?

Family Culture Family Culture
Family Culture Family Culture

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