Happy Fathers Day!Happy Father’s Day, beautiful friends.

Today we get to celebrate our fathers or male guardians, the Father Figure.

As we work with the Divine Feminine, it is also important to understand our relationship with the Divine Masculine. We can take this opportunity to go within and connect with the internal aspect of this.

In the same way that we can work with our Inner Child, we can work with our Inner Parent, our inner father in this case. The father, or male figure, brings the aspects of protection, support and guidance. This “inner father” is the part of our psyche that we have, in some ways, inherited from our father or male caretakers. If a father or male caretaker was not present, the father archetype, defined by our culture and society, is often inherited instead.

Was your father present, absent, or otherwise? How does this reflect in your world today and in your relationships with men in general.

It is an opportunity to reflect and bring greater self-awareness. To learn more about the Inner Parent – Inner Child relationship, you can watch this video: https://VictoriaVives.com/inner-child-healing

Feel free to share your thoughts or insights.

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