Victoria Vives ~ Happy Fathers Day Weekend!BOOK DAY 43: Happy Father’s Day Weekend!

If you are a man, perhaps you are a father, and whether you are a male or female perhaps you had a father or father figure in your life.

Although I grew up with three mothers but without a father, I have had some wonderful men in my life who have provided that father figure energy in one form or another and I am eternally grateful for that.

In many ways, my own experience without a father has given me a powerful perspective on the role of father figures and just how integral they are to a wholeness of self. Find out more about this in my upcoming book “In A Matter of Seconds”.

I would love to hear about your connection with the aspect of the father figure! Feel free to write back.

Have a wonderful Father’s Day Weekend!

With Love,

PS: This year, I get to celebrate with my father in law