Hi Friends!!!!

I am so excited to share the results from your feedback regarding which Sacred Frequency I should expand and turn into a Guided Meditation audio!

Thank you so much for your help, your love and for sharing your powerful experiences with the Sacred Frequencies, it means a lot to me.  You can see all the votes by clicking in the chart below.  And the winner is…


This result is so synchronistic!  A couple of days ago, I received the following Automatic Writing “It is now the time for darkness to fall and as it touches the ground, it will bloom into new light, new energy, new life!  Rejoice in this transformation as the world is transforming into something we have never seen before.  From the depths of your soul, a whispering reclaims the truth of who you are…”.  So the times that we are living, are speaking of the breaking down of our blockages in order to reveal our true inner light!  The light that conveys everything we seek.

Everything in this Universe is made up of energy, however, energetic blockages don’t allow source energy to flow freely through you and thus, energy may become like stagnant water, so its qualities may become obscured and its benefits unable to fully reach all of our organs and levels of beingness.

The new Earth that is before us will be a completely different world where unity, bliss, light and love will prevail.  All the work you do for your own healing, is actually healing the collective as well.  Your dedication and personal journey through healing and knowing your true self are so valuable and I thank you for being a part in this process.

Because of the importance of this matter and the time that we are living and because I want to craft something unique and powerful for you, I have decided to create this expanded Sacred Frequency version in a very very very special way, so that it can profoundly impact your life and the world for the better.  I will talk more about this as it develops.  I am so excited about the potential of our work together!!

If you would like to learn powerful sound healing techniques, you can join me at the Sound Healing event that will take place in February.  There are still two seats left!

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