“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

Fear is what gives power to anything outside of us to affect us in a negative way.

Of course not-wanted things exist. As Bashar says, All-That-Is contains All-That-Is, that is why it is called All-That-Is. It contains both positive and negative. Every single aspect of life is polar, but our filters will define our personal experience. The same energy filtered by fear will have a totally different result if filtered by love or excitement.

I am transforming my fears in excitement, and let me tell you… IT’S LIFE-CHANGING!

Remember, you have the power to plant a seed in other people’s mind. It can be a seed of worry or a seed of love and empowerment. Choose wisely. You, your people, your environment, your World, your Universe, will reflect it.


Victoria Vives

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