Victoria Vives performed at the ESPN tour in India with Kung Fu Femmes, inspiring the new spirit for the Indian woman: powerful as ever!  Read more>>> and See more>>>


Victoria Vives, Production HQ and Michael Shu created this Telly Award Winner music video “FUEGO” with martial arts fights and video game story (concept by Victoria Vives).  The song composed by Victoria Vives, was remixed by Disney Producer Mark Von der Heide and DJ Alexander, and remastered by the 9 time Grammy Award Winner Chauncey Mahan.

BLACK BELT FESTIVAL @ Universal Studios:


– World Peace Event in Mexico DF with NOBEL LAUREATE Rigoberta Menchu and the Spanish Supreme Judge

Olympic Games Hymn Ceremony

– “Arts from our Land” competition for Beijing Television

– Rolling Stones, Shape, Fitness magazine and more!

– MTV Europe Music Awards with Robbie Williams

– Christian Audigier’s 50th Birthday with Michael Jackson, Snoop Dog and Britney Spears

– History Channel, G4 TV, Channel 62, Current TV, Tele 5 and more

– Working with Diana Ross and Cedric the Entertainer

– Ralph Lauren Castilian Voice Over

– Motion capture for Call of Duty

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