Often times, I find beautiful powerful beings, aiding in transforming the world. Are you one of them? If so, I want to share with you that such strong desire is extremely valuable and I immensely appreciate your endeavors. We are on the same boat!

There is ONE important thing to always consider and that is WHICH PLATFORM ARE WE ACTING FROM? What are the emotions that fuel your journey? That will be the key that determines the outcome of our efforts. You can answer the following questions to get a cleare picture:

  • Are you focusing on what you want or fighting against what you do not want?
  • Are moving toward what what you want or away from what you do not want?

Theses are opposite energies even if they sound similar. What we resist persist. What we fight against we feed with our energy.

In some traditional ancient healing techniques as well as new age discoveries, we see this diagram:


Good thoughts = good emotions = good health and happiness
The opposite applies too.

Imagine you want to promote water and you say “I hate coke”… what would people focus on and remember?

If you talk about illness or social problems or disasters, that awakens and actives in people fear, anger and worry. If you promote healthy lifestyles, loving attitude and safety and inspire others to follow that, people will live with more ease and heal and have less anger as well.
You know?  I grew up to be so upset at this world and at the system we live in, that I know what it feels like being there. Now I finally realize that the solution is not to protest about what exists, instead I have to create what I desire and make that my offering to our world. So that is what I do now, every day of my life.

How can you turn your journey around?

  • Look for ways to change your words by speaking in a more affirmative way and expressing your desired vision for the future as opposed as your dislike for the present or past.
  • Learn about the law of attraction. You can watch “The Secret”.
  • Process and release feelings of anger, sadness and worry towards what is so that you can feel hope, love and gratitude for what you are wanting to create, for what is to come.
  • Experiments show that what you resist or hate persists.

Love, joy and peace for your journey!!!


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