Free Workshop to Meet Your Power Animal

POWER ANIMALS ~ Working w/ Spirit Animals through SHAMANIC Journey w/ Victoria Vives

Learn why would you want to meet your Power Animal in this video.

00:49 What is a Power Animal?
01:40 How do you meet our Power Animal?
02:10 What does your Power Animal mean?
03:44 Keeping the relationship with your Power Animal
05:42 How does your Power Animal help you?
07:32 Your Power Animal reconnects you with the Wild
07:57 How many Power Animals you have?
08:40 Power Animal Retrieval
09:24 Does Power Animal = Totem Animal?
10:36 Is there a best Power Animal?
12:00 Power Animals in physical reality

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This workshop is both, for Healers and for people wanting to advance in their spiritual path in a powerful and transformational way.

This workshop is perfect to be taken on its own and/or as a complement to any of the in person workshops in order to deepen your practice.

Join our Sacred Circle from wherever you are in the world to learn Shamanism and/or deepen your current practice. A Powerful and Transformational Experience!

In this course you will:

~ Learn and practice Shamanic Journeying
~ Visit the Lower World and Upper World
~ Meet your Power Animal and Helping Spirits to receive support and guidance
~ Group journeying and journeying for others
~ Cleansing Ceremony and Manifesting Ceremony
~ Connecting with the Land and Journeying for the Earth
~ Power Animal Retrieval and Healing from your Guides
~ Transfiguration and Healing with Light
~ Be part of our Shamanic community being able to ask me further questions about this training if needed

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Free Workshop to Meet Your Power Animal

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