Bring Fresh Energy Into your LifeBOOK DAY 79: Which new things are you bringing to your life this week?

As I wrote my autobiography for my first book “In a Matter of Seconds”, it almost felt as if there were three different lifetimes in it. 1) Before my Near Death Experience 2) After my Near Death Experience 3) My new life in the US.

However, bringing transformation can be much more simple than that! With each new year, with each new month, with each new week and even with each new day in your life, you have the opportunity to bring fresh energy into your life by making new choices that represent more of who you are!

👉 Ordering a new dish you never tried
👉 Wearing something different from your style
👉 Going to a new place you have never been to
👉 Going to your office or to school through a different route you never took

You might be surprised of how much we tend to get into a certain habit or routine that makes us go through our days half asleep.

So which ONE new thing would you like to try this week? CAN’T WAIT TO HEAR FROM YOU!!!

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